Hello!I can’t stop making things so the only way for me to keep track of all what I make is blogging about it. Here’s a legacy of all my creations since I started blogging in January 2010. I’m a quilter that knits, a knitter that sews, a sewist that crochets, a crocheter that cooks… I’m also a mama and a social care worker.

I hope you like what you see and feel inspired to make your own creations. I love comments and would love to read what you have to say.

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon!

You can contact me at irinadejuanATgmailDOTcom

Hola!No puc parar de fer coses i la unica manera de fer recompte del que faig es documentant-ho en aquest blog. Aqui hi trobaras tot el que he anat fent des que vaig comenc,ar a bloguejar al Gener del 2010. M’encanta cosir, fer patchwork, punt, ganxet, quilling…Soc mama i tambe treballadora social. Espero que el que vegis t’agradi i t’inspiri. Potser tambe em pots saludar i dir el que penses escrivint un comentari. Gracies per la visita i torna aviat!

Podeu contactar amb mi a irinadejuanARROBAgmailPUNTcom

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