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Dancing Squares and busy days

Hello! Not long ago I told you about my new version of the Wonky Squares. I finally bound it! It took me a bit longer than usual. A quilt that small I’d normally bind in an hour sitting in the sofa in front of the TV but the reason for the extra time was that I have been on my own with Hana and Conor for the last 2 weeks. I had planned to finish a few things while I was on my own but as the days went by I could feel my energy levels dropping at a tremendous speed and by the second week I was going to bed straight after them… So I think it’s been a huge achievement to have this finished! In the end I went for a dark red -burgundy colour for the binding. I had a very dark blue and a black but it was a bit too dark.

foto 1 copy 2

Oh Conor… This little Button of mine is pretty busy, I was so used to Hana being so quiet and content (but of course I didn’t have any other child around beside her). I could have lots of things done with her around. But let’s say Conor needs to move about more, he’s into something all the time, although he is really good… He started to walk about 3 weeks ago and now is flying! I suppose he’s just doing what any boy of his age should be doing, and, in fairness, I can’t really ask him to stop acting like a one year old, can I?

He won’t stay still, his new obsession is throwing things down the toilet and climbing onto the sofa to walk from one end to the other… You have to constantly watch him, unlike Hana… so yes… my hands have been really full and we’ve been trying to be out as much as possible and do lots of things while the man of the house was away. And that didn’t involve much sewing, but still I manage to treat myself one day… So what did we do? Here’s my wee man, looking very tiny among these huge trees!

foto copy 2

We have this park nearby, Coole Park, which is amazing and I absolutely love. I don’t know if you’ve heard about Lady Gregory, but maybe you’ve heard about George Bernard Shaw or W.B. Yeats… You can read more about it here. If you ever come to Ireland, to the west of Ireland, I recommend to visit this spot, it’s beautiful any time of the year, whether it rains or it’s foggy or the sun is out. There is this autobiographic book of short stories written by one of Lady Gregory’s grand-daughters, it’s a nice short and easy read that I like: Me & Nu.

foto copy 3

Then, one morning I packed up the children and drove up to Tuam to meet Roisin at The Quilt Shop, in Shop St. I have been following her via Facebook and finally I could get a spot to go and visit the shop. She’s lovely and so helpful, she had been keeping some yardage of flannel for me to make some PJ’s for Hana, and I was low on wadding too, so I had a good excuse for the trip. And oh… when you go in and see all these colours around you… I could contain myself and focus on what I really needed, but it was HAAAAARD… You can see in the photo above a bit of Conor’s rainbow star quilt ( ahem, yes… still in progress,  I want to add a border and something else…but I have the backing now!) Can you spot the stripy fabrics on top and beside it? I was trying to choose which one looked better as a backing and Hana found the right one. I won’t reveal anymore of it and hopefully it won’t be long before it’s finished… Roisin has a great stock of fabric and notions, she also runs classes and I just wished there was a shop like this much closer to where I am. Although I generally get my fabric online, it’s nice to be able to walk into a shop like this… I’m sure I’ll find another excuse to drive up to Tuam. It’s funny though, many Irish people I know here were a bit perplexed when I told them I was going to Tuam…  “Tuam? going to Tuam? what for? there’s nothing there!” well… there is a Quilt Shop!!!

Then, “the quilter’s widow” came back and brought me a few goodies. He’s a musician and works abroad pretty often. He spent some days in the USA, in the East Coast, and then flew to Canada. He spent a whole week in Goderich, Canada, were there was a Celtic Festival he was taking part in, and guess what? He called me saying he had found a quilt shop in the Main Square and if there was anything I needed. Yeeha! anything I needed? mmm… the whole shop maybe? I couldn’t really think of anything there and then and told him I needed some of those stickers for my Omnigrid rulers. Then I sent him an email with a more detailed list of things but it was too late :-(… He got me three random magazines besides what I asked , which was really nice of him.

foto 1 copy 3

And well, no worries… as he’s going back to the States in September and I hope he’ll come across some other quilt shops. If there are any readers here from Tenessee, Virginia, N. Carolina… I might ask you for some tips on quilt shops soon…

foto 2 copy 3





I have been really busy and I haven’ had any time to blog, upload photos, take photos of my work, etc… Things are getting done but I just can’t keep up!

I’m off work for a couple of days and this morning, instead of starting the usual routine in the house, I took Conor in the buggy and walked down the road to the beach. We’re so lucky we can enjoy this spot just a couple of minutes from our door!


The weather is fantastic, it has been like this for 3 days now and I’m sure it won’t last so we did have to go out and suck in all this energy. It’s the first time in the year that I can get to wear a skirt, strap top and sandals! Conor fell asleep (and who wouldn’t in such a nice relaxing atmosphere!), and I deeped my feet into the water, sat on a rock and just stayed there for a good while, listening to the birds, smelling the sea and spotting a curious seal looking at me. Seals are always showing up their heads when the water is calm like this. It’s just magic!

I hope it stays like this all day so I can take Hana down after she comes back from play school.

photo copy 2

He estat superocupada aquests dies i no tinc temps d’escriure, de descarregar fotos, ni de fer-ne! Vaig fent i les coses es van enllestint pero es que no hi ha temps per a res mes!

photo copy 3

Tinc dos dies lliures a la feina i aquest mati, abans de comenc,ar amb la rutina de sempre, he decidit caminar cap a la platja amb el Conor. Tenim molta sort de poder gaudir d’aquest raconet que esta nomes a uns minuts caminat des de casa. El temps que esta fent es increible, des de fa tres dies, i com que se que no durara gaire, he aprofitat per deixar-ho tot i sortir. Es el primer cop de l’any que em poso una faldilla, una samarreta de tirants i sandalies… El Conor s’ha adormit profundament, (i no me’stranya amb la calma que hi havia), i jo m’he remullat els peus, m’he assegut en una roca una bona estona per escoltar els ocell, olorar el mar i descobrir una foca que m’estava mirant! Es molt normal veure foques que treuen el cap encuriosides quan l’aigua esta aixi de calmada. Es magic.

photo copy

Espero que segueixi aixi de bo tot el dia i aixi podre tornar-hi amb la Hana quan arribi de l’escola. 



Working on my New FO wish-to-do list

It’s been a very busy time around here lately. The Little Button was pretty sick for more than a week, the nights were veeeeery hard and it was even harder having to go to work in the morning… And he was teething as well, so you can imagine…  Then, thankfully I had a few days off and could prepare Hana’s birthday party, her birthday crown and do some sewing too. I had a good amount of alterations to do among the projects I really wanted to work on.


Hi ha hagut molt de moviment aquestes darreres setmanes per aqui. El Botonet es va posar malalt durant mes d’una setmana, les nits eren horroroses i mes horroros era haver d’anar a treballar al mati! A mes, li estaven sortint dues dents mes, ja us ho podeu imaginar. Menys mal que despres vaig tenir uns dies lliures i vaig poder dedicar-me a preparar la festa d’aniversari de la Hana, la seva corona i tambe cosir una mica.


I’ve been able to do a lot of progress on several things, but the one I’m really enjoying the most is Conor’s quilt, which I had in my NEW FO Challenge WIsh-to-do list. I have made 4 stars so far and I’ve bought some DMC Perle cotton thread for hand quilting it. Now you know why I’ve been taking up some embroidery projects lately, I’m just practicing for the big day!


He pogut avançar bastant en alguns projectes, pero el que mes m’esta agradant es el quilt que li estic fent al Conor, i que tenia a la llista de coses per començar al 2013. Ja tinc 4 estels i ara toca fer-los ballar, inclinant-los dins d’un altre bloc. He comprat fil perle de DMC per intentar fer l’encoixinat a ma. Ara ja sabeu per que estic fent tants brodats ultimament, m’estic entrenant pel gran dia!


I hope to have this quilt finished by his 1st birthday… I still have 6 weeks to make it happen.


Espero tenir-lo acabar per al seu primer aniversari! Encara em queden 6 setmanes!


Here’s his new 2 top teeth!  Les dues dents de dalt que tant malament ens ho han fet passar…






My sweet beautiful Hana.

She’s 4 today yesterday (when I was writing this post it was the 26th of March, Hana’s birthday… but when I finished and hit the publish button it was already past midnight… just realised that!!! 😉









I caught her, not long ago, laying on my bed pretending to read a book. ‘I’m reading a story’, she says. ‘I see…’  says I. To Kill a Mockingbird. She asked me was it a nice story. I said it was, that it was probably one of my favorite ones and maybe it will be one of hers too, or so I hoped… She asked me to read it. ‘But there aren’t any pictures here, Hana. It’s all “abc’s”. ‘But I want you to read it, just a little bit…’



I thought that was funny, and I knew she was tired, so I thought it was a good way to make her go to sleep quickly (SO I COULD DO A BIT MORE SEWING!!!). Ok so, and convinced that she would asked me to read another story after the first sentence, I started.


‘When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken…’

And a loooooooong list of questions started. ‘Why Jem got his arm badly broken?’, “did it fall off?’ ‘who’s Jem?’ ‘ how he did it?’…

I explained (being used to so many interruptions at every second word).

‘Oh’, she says.


After the first page I asked her should I stop and to my surprise she said no! I kept on reading, until Boo Radley appeared. More questions. ‘Is he spooky?’ (she loves spooky things). ‘Do people get scared in his house?’. I explained again about who Boo was. Then another ‘oh’.


I read three pages, and then we decided to go to bed and to leave the rest of the story for another day.


This happened about 2 months ago. I thought it was pretty amazing that she was actually listening and just getting what she wanted to get. She was pretty concerned about Jem’s arm and kept asking me about the story for days, and then of course that lead to other questions about anatomy and the human body, bla bla. I find this so amusing, I love when she asks me all these questions! and boy does she ask…


I told her dad about this and his eyes lit up. Jaysus! Maybe I can start reading The Hobbit to her!!!

Oh dear.


So here’s my baby Hana, who doesn’t let me call her baby anymore. The big sister who loves her brother to bits and calls him the best baby in the whole world. She’s the one who asks me do I want to play with her and I say ‘yes!’, and then she says, ‘ok, pretend you are my mum, ok?’, the one who asks me ‘why are the hot days not happening?’ and the one who can’t wait for spring to come because she really really wants a pet ladybird but don’t worry mummy she’ll stay outside…






A Teddy Bear Picnic


It is still very cold here, it even snowed in some parts of the country,

but it looks like spring wants to show up and it’s doing its firsts attempts with these lovely sunny days.

Encara fa fred per aqui, pero sembla que la primavera

vol treure el cap i de tant en tant fa aquests intents amb uns quants rajos de sol.


We walked to our neighbor’s cottage where Hana hosted a tea party.

Vam caminar fins al cottage de la nostra veina,

on la Hana va organitzar una cerimonia de te.


There is enough for everybody, even Conor gets to join the fun with some tickles.

Hi va haver prou per tothom, fins i tot en Conor es va afegir a la festa amb pessigolles.


Maggie, our other neighbor’s collie, spends lots of time with us too.

La Maggie, la gossa de l’altre vei, tambe passa estones amb nosaltres.


And after the party, some playing on the steps…

I despres de la festa, una mica de jocs als graons de l’escala…


It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine enlightens our day…

Sembla mentida com una mica de sol i llum ens alegra el dia…


My sewing machine gets a rest on days like these, too nice out there!

La maquina de cosir fa una pausa en dies com aquests, fa massa bo a fora!



Hana’s A-line dress

Hana’s dress is finally finished! It’s been for a while but it was so hard to take photos, especially when she was wearing it. The lighting is really bad as it’s been raining a lot and when I’m free it is too late in the evening to take good shots… Anyway, here’s how it looks, much better in real life though.

It’s a simple A-line dress and I followed the pattern from this book. I do not recommend this book though, it is not clear and there are many gaps in the instructions which would make a beginner to go bananas! An A-line dress is one of the easiest projects for beginners, yet this book makes it a bit more complicated unnecessarily, I should have followed my guts and experience while I was making it and I would have saved some headaches…






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