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Still here! Come and have a tour around my new sewing room

It’s been too long, way too long! I even considered closing this blog account, but oh no… how could I?  I’m back! 9 months later… and many things have changed. (pst…Scroll down to the bottom for a giveaway…)

First of all: we moved into a new home. Not very far from where we were but equally beautiful. We have absolutely stunning views from every single window (I think I will blog about it some day, when the sunny sun decides to come out for once!)

It is a smaller place than the one we had but I love it much more, the light in the kitchen is so beautiful and it warms up the whole house. It is just now with the gradually longer evenings that we are realizing how bright this place is. We moved in at the beginning of winter, and boy we’ve had a bad, cold, windy, rainy, stormy miserable winter…

Best of all: my sewing room! I think I have been very lucky to be able to have my own sewing space since I started to sew, here’s a post about my sewing room in my old home.

FullSizeRender.jpgI have two Velux windows (windows on the roof) giving the perfect light for the whole room. One of them projects the light onto my worktop (that I recently got so I didn’t need to use a camping table any more!) which is great for taking good photos.

I still have to put up some pictures and decor on the walls, but it is looking pretty much the way I want it to be. I have to be careful with my head when I come in though, the roof is quite low (so low that the doors are cut on the top angle! Can you see it in the photo below?) and I still get the odd bump if I’m not paying attention… At least I can use the very low space to put my bookcases horizontally. FullSizeRender-6.jpg

I love my new work top. In my old place I was using our dinner table (as there was already a big marble table in the dining room that was impossible to move), but obviously being a dinner table it was not ideal for a worktop. Too low. And I had constant lower back pains. Ergonomics! So important!

FullSizeRender-1.jpgWith a bit of shuffling around, I could move the furniture I had and use it very well. As you can see, they could probably use this room for one of the Ikea catalogue pages! That’s what happens when there isn’t much of a choice for furniture shopping in your area. Most of it is donated and up-cycled. Good thing that almost everyone loves Ikea… I have lots of baskets that I get in charity shops, they look nice and are great for storing small items  and I can always use them as preps for my Christmas market stall.FullSizeRender-4.jpgI love the light from the other window above the futon… Sometimes the kids come up to stay with me (I do feel guilty many times, spending a long time upstairs completely forgetting about the time! I do need a clock on the wall) so they can sit down and watch a movie on my laptop, do some homework or play with a few toys.

You can see the dress I am working on at the moment. This is something I’m planning to blog about too (like in 9 months…? just joking – I hope). And of course, the Supernova Star quilt that some busy bees and I managed to create.FullSizeRender-2.jpgOne thing I have mixed feelings about is the carpet. I do not like them. I am allergic to dust and I think they are not hygienic at all. But I did not have a choice. What annoys me most is that if I drop a pin, as it happens sometimes, I can’t hear it and it is hard to find too! Then my foot is the one finding it, and it’s not fun. But it is nice to walk bare feet on them. I am not allowing shoes upstairs anyway…FullSizeRender-3.jpgI’m using my old desk for the sewing machine, and I finally got my shelves up (yes, Ikea spice racks), which never had the fortune to be up in my old sewing room. It helps having the desk clear. The big wicker basket is where I keep all my wool and knitting stash. Lots of boxes under the work top, my serger (I got a new one! – will blog about it too) and my Brother sewing machine, which is taking a rest at the moment. I use an ottoman to store my wadding and it serves me as a seat too.FullSizeRender-5.jpgFinally, I have found a place for my ironing board that has it tucked in and out of the way when I’m not using it. I have a tiny travel iron that works perfectly when I only need to press seams when piecing. I still can’t believe I got it 5 years ago in a local shop for €1! When I need to press and iron big quilt tops I use my proper iron that I keep in one of the baskets when not in use. One thing I do really need is a new cover for the ironing board…

So this is it, pretty much. I have added a few things since these photos were taken.

I am working on 3 custom quilts at the moment and I have prepared 2 tutorials while I am working on them. Just useful tips to help a beginner. I am hoping to share more posts with useful information besides showing my WIPs and I also hope you readers are still here! Sorry it took me a very long time to come back!

By the way, I am now on Instagram! You can find me @ElPetitTallerEtsy (you won’t believe it but I’m still getting the hang of it…)

And… I am holding a giveaway on my Facebook page to celebrate Paddy’s Day! You are in for the chance to win one of my Irish Cottage pillows.





Doing maths…

I am flying solo for the next two weeks, since Mr. F.  is touring the States (again!). That means I am a “stay at home mum” and I’ll be trying to squeeze as much stitching as I can during naps, night time sleeps, and Toy Story show times (it is the Toy Story era at home at the moment).

Last night, after tidying up the millions and gazillions of toys that were spread in the living room floor, I sat down and saw Hana’s sketch pad right in front of me. I took it and started to think of how could I use that charm pack that I cut many moons ago to do something which I can’t remember… I did draw something nice, but let’s say that my maths after 10pm are not really accurate.


Aquests dies faig de mama soltera! El senyor F. torna a estar de gira a l’altra banda de l’Atlantic (una l’atre cop!!!) aixi que intentare exprimir les hores de cosir durant les migdiades, les nits i les pel.licules de Toy Story, i es que estem en plena era de Toy Story a casa…

Ahir, despres de recollir les cincuantamil joguines escampades pel terra vaig veure els bloc de dibuix de la Hana. El vaig agafar i vaig dibuixar una idea per fer servir uns rectangles que vaig tallar fa moltes llunes per fer no se que… ja ni me’n recordo… El que passa que les mates no em quadren passades les 10pm. I avui, quan he recalculat tot, no podia sortir-me amb la meva (ja que he de comptar amb els rectangles tallats), pero si que m’he inspirat amb el dibuix que vaig fer. Ara nomes falta enumerar les tires i deixar-les enllestides per cosir-les mes endavant, abans de que vingui el carter i em porti la tela que vaig comprar a Fluffy Sheep Quilting

This morning I tried the calculations again and well, it doesn’t work with the 2 1/2″ x5″ rectangles… but I think I’ll make something nice inspired on the sketch I made last night. Having said this, I’ll better hurry up to have those rows numbered (I don’t think I’ll start sewing it), before the post comes with my order from Fluffy Sheep Quilting! I have the white triangles  cut for another rainbow wonky square quilt that a lady from America has ordered. I’m pretty sure she’s a first time mum and, oh boy, her joy and excitement is contageous! I love making these wonky squares and it makes me so happy that somebody across the sea wants it to decorate their baby’s nursery. 


Last week I finished another custom quilt for a little girl called Ciara. I like the fabric choice that her aunt made and I think the pattern works well with it too. It’s a pretty simple pattern I made that works well with 4 coordinating prints, that’s why I decided to offer as a custom order at the shop.

Ja tinc els triangles tallats per fer un altre quilt de Wonky Squares que una noia d’America m’ha encarregat. Crec que es mare primerenca perque esta tan entusiasmada que s’encomana i tot (l’entusiasme, no les ganes de tenir-ne un altre que ja en tinc prou).


This quilt measures 38″x 51″ and I used 4 prints from the line Enchant by Riley Blake and 3 Kona solids (white, ash and posy). I free motion quilted it with that stippled effect that I seem to not being able to leave alone (I wish I could try something different but I’m too scared!!!)

La setmana passada vaig acabar un altre encarrec, un quilt per a una nena que es diu Ciara (es pronuncia Kira). M’agrada molt la tela que la seva tieta li ha triat i crec que s’hi ave molt be amb el diseny que he fet. Per aixo l’ofereixo com a encarrec a la botiga, amb 4 teles estampades i 3 de llises queda molt be. 


And there is another thing I’m thinking of… again sketching it and trying to do my best at maths! Hopefully I’ll be giving a tutorial on how to make a cute toiletry bag. This time I’ll try to make it into a pdf. I’d like to have a couple of pattern testers… would anyone be interested? Thank you in advance 🙂 That’s all for now, I better go and pick up my darling princess from school! Here’s how she looks like when she telling me a thousand stories… and Conor is faster than a rocket…



I tambe hi ha una altra cosa que estic maquinant… estic dibuixant, disenyant i calculant! Espero tenir aviat un tutorial preparat per fer un necessaire, aquest cop m’agradaria tenir-lo en pdf. M’agradaria tenir un parell de cosidores voluntaries per provar el patro, algu s’hi anima?

I be, aixo es tot, millor sue em prepari per anar a recollir la Hana a l’escola. Aqui la teniu, aixi es posa quan  m’esta explicant mil histories! I el Conor, que es mes rapid que un coet




I have been really busy and I haven’ had any time to blog, upload photos, take photos of my work, etc… Things are getting done but I just can’t keep up!

I’m off work for a couple of days and this morning, instead of starting the usual routine in the house, I took Conor in the buggy and walked down the road to the beach. We’re so lucky we can enjoy this spot just a couple of minutes from our door!


The weather is fantastic, it has been like this for 3 days now and I’m sure it won’t last so we did have to go out and suck in all this energy. It’s the first time in the year that I can get to wear a skirt, strap top and sandals! Conor fell asleep (and who wouldn’t in such a nice relaxing atmosphere!), and I deeped my feet into the water, sat on a rock and just stayed there for a good while, listening to the birds, smelling the sea and spotting a curious seal looking at me. Seals are always showing up their heads when the water is calm like this. It’s just magic!

I hope it stays like this all day so I can take Hana down after she comes back from play school.

photo copy 2

He estat superocupada aquests dies i no tinc temps d’escriure, de descarregar fotos, ni de fer-ne! Vaig fent i les coses es van enllestint pero es que no hi ha temps per a res mes!

photo copy 3

Tinc dos dies lliures a la feina i aquest mati, abans de comenc,ar amb la rutina de sempre, he decidit caminar cap a la platja amb el Conor. Tenim molta sort de poder gaudir d’aquest raconet que esta nomes a uns minuts caminat des de casa. El temps que esta fent es increible, des de fa tres dies, i com que se que no durara gaire, he aprofitat per deixar-ho tot i sortir. Es el primer cop de l’any que em poso una faldilla, una samarreta de tirants i sandalies… El Conor s’ha adormit profundament, (i no me’stranya amb la calma que hi havia), i jo m’he remullat els peus, m’he assegut en una roca una bona estona per escoltar els ocell, olorar el mar i descobrir una foca que m’estava mirant! Es molt normal veure foques que treuen el cap encuriosides quan l’aigua esta aixi de calmada. Es magic.

photo copy

Espero que segueixi aixi de bo tot el dia i aixi podre tornar-hi amb la Hana quan arribi de l’escola. 




Well this is (are…) my entry (ies) for the Foto Finish this week about farm fields.
I took these photos about 2 weeks ago when the sunset was giving this beautiful light. They cut the hay not long ago and now they piled it all up . The fence was open… the field is just across… we couldn’t resist to have a run, great fun! The hill at the back is part of The Burren

Aquesta es (o son) la meva foto(s) per al Foto Finish d’aquesta setmana sobre camps. 
Vaig fer aquesta foto fa unes dues setmanes, quan la posta de sol ens regalava aquesta llum. Tenim aquest camp just al davant de casa i la tanca estava oberta… 
La muntanya de pedra que es veu al fons s’anomena The Burren.
hide and seek
fet i amagar

Sooty, patron saint of patience…
Santa Sooty,  la patrona de la paciencia

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FOTO FINISH – summer fun – diversio estiuenca

There are a lot of festivals going on in the summer here. This is a really nice one in the village next to where we live, it’s called the Cruinniu na mBad, the Meeting of the Boats. It’s on every August, depending on the tide it will fall on the second or third weekend. People wait at the pier for the Curraghs to come from Connemara, on the other side of Galway Bay, to deliver the turf.
There are plenty of stalls with food, crafts and live music on the pier. This is last year, Hana had great fun with the bouncing balls that a man had for sale. She got her own one at the end, of course!
Hi ha molts festivals aqui a l’estiu. Aquest es diu Cruinniu na mBad, la trobada dels vaixells. Es fa cada Agost, depenent de la marea cau en el segon o tercer cap de setmana. La gent s’espera al moll per l’arribada dels Curraghs, els vaixells tipics de Galway, que venen des de Connemara, a l’altra banda de la badia de Galway, llestos per descarregar la torba. Hi ha moltes paradetes al moll, de menjar, artesania i musica en viu. La Hana s’ho va passar molt be amb aquestes pilotes. Al final va aconseguir la seva!
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FOTO FINISH: something old – alguna cosa vella

This is my entry for Foto Finish. Something old. There were so many things I was thinking of… the old thatched cottage next door, the castle in the village…
but I wanted something that I own (proudly own) and here it is, my fiddle.

Aqui teniu la meva entrada del Foto Finish: alguna cosa vella. Tenia unes quantes coses velles al cap, un cottage que hi ha aqui al costat, o el castell que hi ha al poble… pero volia alguna cosa que fos meva, i aqui esta, el meu violi. 

this photo is too blue…I know… but I kind of like the “blue mood” it has…
el blau d’aquesta foto es massa fort, ja ho se, pero m’agrada el toc que li dona…

It was my grandfather’s, although he didn’t play. It was badly damaged and I took it to a luthier who did a great job and I started learning how to play Irish trad. I think it is the oldest thing I have at home, it’s from the 1880-90’s, and I love it! its sound is beautiful (except when I’m playing it!)
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Era del meu avi, pero ell no el tocava. Estava forc,a atrotinat i el vaig portar a un luthier perque l’arregles. El va deixar fantastic i vaig comenc,ar a aprendre a tocar musica irlandesa. Crec que es la cosa mes vella que tinc a casa, es d’entre el 1880 i 1890 i pico… i m’encanta, m’agrda el seu so (menys quan soc jo la que el toca!)
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The entry for this week’s foto finish is “drama in the sky”. Every evening starlings and rooks gather up on the telephone lines and are the noisiest on the island. They do create a big drama! I thought these 3 first rooks that arrived looked funny, as if those 2 were chatting about the other one…

Aquesta es la entrada per al Foto Finish d’aquesta setmana. El tema es “drama al cel”. Cada tarda els estornells i els corbs es concentren als cables de telefon i aleshores si que munten un gran drama! Em va fer gracia els 3 priemrs en arrivar, com si aquest parell parlessin sobre l’altre…

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This is my entry for Foto Finish this week. The theme is “What is it?”
It just started raining 5 minutes ago. These are rain drops racing each other on my window.
You can click on the image to enlarge.
Aquesta es la meva foto de la setmana pel Foto Finish. El tema es “Que es?”
Fa cinc minuts que ha comec,at a ploure i aixo son gotes de pluja fent carreres a la finestra.
Cliqueu a la imatge per fer-la mes gran.
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This is my entry for Foto Finish. The theme is “macro” and I thought it would be good to try and catch a closer look of Lola’s feathers. It probably would have been easier to take a photo of something static, like a flower, but I wanted something more challenging, and this little red hen is a busy character, especially when she’s hanging around with her fellow hen Matilda…
you can click on the image and zoom in for a much closer look

Aquesta es la meva aportacio a Foto Finish. El tema es “macro” i vaig pensar que estaria be tenir una vista mes propera de les plomes de la Lola. Hagues sigut mes facil fer una foto d’alguna cosa mes estatica, com una flor, pero volia alguna cosa mes dificil i aquesta gallina no para quieta, sobretot quan segueix a la seva companya Matilda…
podeu clicar a la imatge i clicar al zoom per veure-ho de mes a prop




I couldn’t miss this week’s entry for Foto Finish… weather! the Irish can’t stop talking about it (or complain about it)!!! I could have taken a photo every day this week and I could assure you that you would have seen ALL KINDS of weather… 

My inerpretation of weather: the tides
I took this photo last summer, just when I moved into the area. There is a Martello Tower at the edge of the island with a lake on one side and the shore at the other. The tide was out and it hadn’t rained for a few days (yes, it does happen in Ireland sometimes, giving plenty more to talk about), the soil dried up looking like this. You can see oyster shells attached to rocks and all the seagulls, herons, egrets, curlews, oystercatchers, etc. wondering around feeding on what the sea has left behind.
It’s really beautiful.

No podia deixar passar l’entrada de Foto Finsih aquesta setmana: el temps (meteorologic). Els irlnadesos no paren de parlar del temps (ode queixar-s’hi)! Podria haver fet fotos cada dia de la setmana i us asseguro que haurieu vist temps de tot…
La meva interpretacio del tema: la marea
Aquesta foto la vaig fer l’estiu passat tot just despres d’haver vingut a viure a aquesta area. Hi ha una torre Martello a un extrem de l’illa, esta tocant a la platja i a l’altre costat hi ha un llac que s’omple amb la marea. La marea estava a fora i feia dies que no havia plogut (tambe tenim dies sense pluja a Irlanda, costa de creure, oi?) i el terra havia quedat aixi. Es podien veure ostres i petxines incrustades a les roques i les gavines, Bernat Pescaires, i mes ocells que no se anomenar en catala (vaig interessar-me per l’ornitologia uncop aqui) van menjant tot el que el mar els ha deixat.
Es un lloc fantastic.

I wanted to show you this too… an oystershell embedded to a rock
Us vull ensenyar aixo tambe, la closca d’una ostra incrustada a la roca

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