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Swap received and ongoing projects

This is the beautiful zipper pouch I received from my swap partner Kim. I love it so much! It was filled with goodies, sweets and chocolate. Hana had a blast when she opened it, her eyes were as big as plates!

Aquest es l’estoig amb cremallera que m’ha enviat la Kim, la meva parella d’intercanvi de Kentucky! L’estoig anava ple de chocolatines, caramels, un llapis, una crema de llavis i un iman de l’estat de Kentucky.


I love every little detail of this pouch, the fabric choice is so lovely ,with the linen bit. The quilting fits in perfectly and what I like the most is the double stitching in both blue and brown, matching the colours of the patterned fabric, and the way the zipper is sewn in. Oh, zippers… I like them, I like sewing zippers, but still I haven’t mastered this technique!!! So I suppose it’s a matter of practice and more practice.

M’encanta com li ha quedat, la tla que ha escollit es perfecta i hi lliga molt amb el lli. L’encoixinat ha quedat molt be i el que m’agrada mes son els repunts que ha fet en blau i marro lligant amb els tons de la tela estampada. La cremallera esta tan ben cosida! ai les cremalleres, m’agraden, pero encara no les domino… Suposo que es questio de practica practica i mes practica… que hi farem!


In the meantime, I have finished two quilt tops. One was finished a while ago, but since I haven’t been able to quilt for the last two months…( my walking foot was not working well), I was trying to do other bits and pieces. Now I’m craving for quilting!

De mentres, he estat fent petites cosetes. Fa temps que no he pogut fer encoixinat perque el peu de doble arrosegament no m’anava alhora, pero ara em moro de ganes d’encoixinar!


This one above is a custom order which I want to send by the end of this week. The baby is due to pop out very soon, so I hope I’m still on time before it arrives into this world. I used a charm pack of School Days for Moda.

Aquest quilt de dalt es un encarrec, he fet ser vir un charm pack de School Days per Moda. Espero enviar-lo a fials d’aquesta setmana abans de que neixi el seu inquil.lí.


This is another quilt top using more scraps from Aneela Hoey’s A Walk in the Woods. I’ve just cut a second border in grey and I’ll use a foxy print for the backing. I’m not sure what the binding is going to look like yet, but I’ll show you when it’s finished, of course.

I aquest altre es un quilt que s’ha anat esperant a la qua d’encoixinar. Esta fet amb restes de tela de l’Aneela Hoey, A Walk in the Woods. Ja tinc tallada la tela per fer-li un marc i la tela del darrere estara plena de guineus. 

I’ve made a second A-line dress for Hana. She won’t let me photograph her wearing it… but it does fit her very well! This time I sew buttons all the way down at the back.

Aquest es el segon vestit que li hje fet a la Hana. Aquest cop li he cosit botons de dalt a baix a la part del darrere.




Now I’m working on a third dress, adding some detail and altering the pattern a bit (just a little because I’m a bit of a wimp and I’m afraid of making a huge mistake). I’m adding some pin tucks at the centre front, and I’m thinking of adding a pocket or two, I’ll see how I’m getting on… and hopefully I can take a photo of her wearing the three of them…

N’estic fent un tercer, canviant una mica el patro, nomes una mica perque no m’atreveixo a fer gaires virgueries encara. A veure si em deixa fer-li unes quantes fotos amb tots tres vestits. Ultimament no es deixa fotografiar gaire!



A Swap on its way…


Well here it is, the finished zipper pouch for my swap partner with some of the chocolates in it. I’m not doing a swap that involves chocolate again. I had to replace some bars a few times… that what happens when you buy the chocolate when your pouch is still being made…

Anyway, I made the zipper inspired by this tutorial. It’s the first time I sew a zipper on the side of a pouch. I like the way you don’t have to deal with those bent edges when the zip is on top.

I’ve been good and the pouch is being filled up with chocolate since it was finished without any temptation getting in the way… there’s some yummy stuff in it which is a surprise for my  partner! So tomorrow it is heading the post office and off to America it goes!


Doncs aqui esta! L’estoig amb cremallera per l’intercanvi de “cremalleres i xocolata“… I ja esta decidit, que no fare cap mes intercanvi on hi hagi xocolata pel mig. I es clar que em vaig menjar algunes xocolatines! Es el que passa si les compres abans d’acabar l’estoig que has d’omplir… 

Vaig inspirar-me en aquest tutorial. M’agrada com queda la cremallera en un costat de l’estoig. Es mes facil cosir-la aixi que no pas quan esta amunt, perque a mi mai no em queden be els extrems.


Dema sortira volant cap als Estats Units, despres d’omplir-la una mica mes…




A Teddy Bear Picnic


It is still very cold here, it even snowed in some parts of the country,

but it looks like spring wants to show up and it’s doing its firsts attempts with these lovely sunny days.

Encara fa fred per aqui, pero sembla que la primavera

vol treure el cap i de tant en tant fa aquests intents amb uns quants rajos de sol.


We walked to our neighbor’s cottage where Hana hosted a tea party.

Vam caminar fins al cottage de la nostra veina,

on la Hana va organitzar una cerimonia de te.


There is enough for everybody, even Conor gets to join the fun with some tickles.

Hi va haver prou per tothom, fins i tot en Conor es va afegir a la festa amb pessigolles.


Maggie, our other neighbor’s collie, spends lots of time with us too.

La Maggie, la gossa de l’altre vei, tambe passa estones amb nosaltres.


And after the party, some playing on the steps…

I despres de la festa, una mica de jocs als graons de l’escala…


It’s amazing how a bit of sunshine enlightens our day…

Sembla mentida com una mica de sol i llum ens alegra el dia…


My sewing machine gets a rest on days like these, too nice out there!

La maquina de cosir fa una pausa en dies com aquests, fa massa bo a fora!