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May, June, July…What!!!???

Wow… Yes, July already and almost gone…! Ok, so I owe some shares from May and June… Here we go so:


I made my first Sewtogether Bag! I love this bag so much, everything I need and more fits perfectly in it. My daughter was so jealous I had to make one for her too, in one evening!!! I purchased the pattern by Sew Demented on Craftsy, but I followed the Sew Along tutorial from The Quilt Barn. I really recommend to follow her tutorial, it makes it really easy. Some bits were quite tricky, but just make sure you have plenty of time, no interruptions and tons of patience and perseverance… It’s worth it!



I also made a quilt for a customer. It was ordered for a friend. I really like how it turned out. I loved when my customer was giving me some input as well as free rein on the design. She wanted squares, and the fabric choice was very specific because it had to carry a lot of meaning.

There are some embroidery bits like the name of places where the family lived under the squares with house prints, and other names of places that mark important events in their life. I also quilted the names of their four children among the steepled quilting design, so they are quite camouflaged and keeps all that information quite private and unnoticed.

And finally, I made lots and lots of Superbibs! I received the loveliest feedback ever and I felt so thrilled! It was so nice to read this:

Hello there, I just wanted to drop a quick message to you to say that 2 years on we are still using your beautiful bibs! We bought 4 when my little girl was 6 months old, she is now 2 1/2 and still wears them. They are still in fantastic condition, despite being worn 3 times a day every day ūüôā And they still fit her, which I can’t believe. What a wonderful product they are that you make, and I hope you continue to make them. Best wishes, C. x

I love purchasing fabric for making these bibs, there are so  many cute prints! I try to have a good selection of neutral, colourful ones, as well as boyish and girlish ones.

I am still making a more and they are all being listed in my Etsy shop.

The good news is that if you would like to get one for your little one, or a little one¬†that you know, you will ¬†soon have the chance to enter a giveaway to win it.¬†If you follow me on Instagram (you’ll find me under @elpetittalleretsy) you might have seen already some hints about this. Well, I’m inviting you to pop over to Faye’s blog, BabyLedBlog, where you will learn about great recipes and food related tips for babies and toddlers and their mamas and papas and wait for an interesting post this week about the Superbib.

Come back to check or follow me on Instagram and Facebook for updates!






Merry Christmas everyone! Bon Naldal a tothom!

Oh dear Oh dear, I do miss blogland a lot! I miss you all!But really‚Ķ I have work coming out of my ears, as the Spaniards say‚Ķ I’m “on holidays” from the primary school where I have been working as a Special Needs Assistant, but I am still working for the charity organisation as a social carer. I’m happy though that I can breath a bit more. So what have I been doing?

It is Chrsitmas Eve now and we have lovely stormy weather out on this tiny island. You should see our hens trying to walk against this wind! Sometimes I think they’ll fly¬†across the bay¬†over to Galway city‚Ķ

Last night, after a few days of madness, just when I had the children in bed and I was snuggling on the sofa, looking forward to doing nothing but to watch a filim¬†(as the Irish say it), the electricity went off. The only time I decide to watch TV. So no¬†filim¬†for me. Anyway, I’ll try to snuggle up later on, after making sure that Santa has left all the pressies‚Ķ

Besides doing my duties as WOHMACWASAHM (Working Outside Home Mum And Continue Working As a Stay At Home Mum) I kind of managed to frantically sew a good decent amount of stock for (wohoo!!!!) my stall at the local Christmas Market!!! It took me 4 years to finally get myself sorted and make it to the market. I had so much fun! I was sharing table with my crafty neighbour who makes the most beautiful hand bound journals. People were saying our stall had the best cutest display… I learnt a lot about displaying though, people seemed really attracted to the stall because there was a lot of colour, a lot of stuff on the table and they were allowed to touch. Athough I booked the place for only one day, somebody had cancelled their place so I was offered to go back on the next day. Then my stock was much better displayed, a friend had lent me a nice cast iron screen where I could hang the bibs, cardigans and dresses. You can see some shots (sorry for the quality of the photos, taken with my phone!)


The different sized baskets worked really well and the linen cloth over the stripy fabric was nice too. It was funny though, that before I had made any sale, a lady approached to ask me how much was the bunting‚Ķ Altough I made it (for my daughter’s birthday party) it wasn’t for sale‚Ķ and when I was packing up at the end of the day, a lady came to ask me how much were the baskets!!!

photo 1

some of the knitwear I have under the label “Lamama Knits”

So here’s a few things I learnt (and if you have any tips to share the more the merrier!):

– Have different height levels to display on your table, use boxes or baskets stacked on top of the other.

– Go around your house to see if you have any little bits and bobs, nice wooden boxes, baskets, bowls, etc to display your stock in.

– Have something made that is easy and fast and can sell at a very affordable price. I had lots of hairbands that didn’t seem to sell online on my Etsy shop. People go to crafts markets prepared to buy at least something. If you have something less than ‚ā¨10, it will probably go quick. So I put all the hairbands in a basket (Hana’s doll’s clothes basket) ¬†at ‚ā¨5 together with the dummy holders at ‚ā¨7. They sold fast!

– ¬†I didn’t have any patchwork quilts for sale for 2 reasons. I didn’t have time to build a good stock and I thought they’d be too pricey for what people would be looking for. Instead, I had patchwork blankets, they sold and people now know that I also make quilts.

Overall, I think I did pretty well, I wanted to let people know I am here and I am local and I handed out lots of business cards (and what a good idea it was, I got a call yesterday from a customer who wanted to buy one of my bags that his girlfriend liked!).

I hope you are all doing well, stitching a lot and making beautiful things! Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you so much to those of you who have made contact in some way to say hello and ask about my whereabouts. It is really so nice to feel appreciated like this! And I’m sorry that I haven’t visit your blogs or participated as much as I’d have liked to‚Ķ Life is a bit crazy at the moment! Crazy but fun‚Ķ

photo 4

Una’s hand bound journals, cards and bookmarks


Buf buf, com trobo a faltar llegir els vostres blogs i els vostres comentaris! Pero es que no paro no paro i no paro! Per fi estic “de vacances” de l’escola de primaria on he estat treballant pero segueixo com sempre a la organitzacio de treball social. Aixi que quan no estic treballant fora de casa, segueixo treballant dins de casa (com tothom, oi?).

Aquesta nit ens estem preparant per a que Santa Claus aterri a la teulada amb els rens. Ho he intentat, pero cada vegada que parlo del Cagatio la gent em mira com si estigues ben boja, i ja no us dic res del Caganer… aixi que segueixo la tradicio del Santa que baixa per la xemeneia… 

photo 2

hairbands in a basket, dummy holders, fabric covered notebooks and business cards…

No se per que els catalans som tan escatologics, em pregunta el meu company: ¬†entre el Cagatio, el Caganer, el conte del Patufet, que ma mare li desitji molta merda abans de pujar a l’escenari i que ens caguem en tot quan ens emprenyem o enviem allo que no ens agrada a la merda‚Ķ apa aqui, es curios que mai no m’havia adonat fins que ell m’ho va fer veure‚Ķ Doncs si, debem tenir una fixacio amb les femtes. Que hi farem. Segur que a hores d’ara tota Catalunya esta fent cagar el Cagatio a cops de pal (aixo tambe els va sobtar als irlandesos, que despres de cuidar-lo i mamnt-lo tant durant dies, ben calentet sota la manta, acabem fotent-li pals per fer-lo cagar).¬†

Be, us dic que es el que he fet aquests dies. No se com, vaig poder fer d’una revolada un estock prou decent per poder tenir una parada al mercat de Nadal! i que be que m’ho vaig passar. Per sort, una persona va cancel.lar la seva parada, i en comptes d’estar-m’hi un dia, m’hi vaig estar dos! Vaig compartir taula amb la meva veina que enquaderna unes llibretes supermaques. La gent ens deia que la nostra parada era la mes maca del mercat‚Ķ he he, tampoc deuria ser per tant, pero si que feiem goig‚Ķ

photo 3

cardigans, dresses and bib-aprons

Si algun dia teniu pensar fer parada en una fira, aqui teniu el que he apres:

– Intenteu tenir els articles sobre la taula a diferents nivells d’al√ßada, apilant caixes o cistells, etc‚Ķ, queda mes atractiu a la vista.

РSegur que per casa teniu coses maques com cistellets, capsetes, bols, plats…etc… on podeu posar les coses de maneres diferents.

– Tingueu articles que siguin facils i rapids de fer i que es puguin vendre a preus molt assequibles. La gent acostuma a voler comprar alguna cosa, el que sigui, i si es a menys de ‚ā¨10 ja ho teniu fet. Jo tenia una pila de cintes per al cabell que no es venien gaire be a Etsy, en canvi a la parada, posades dintre d’un cistell a ‚ā¨5 van volar quasi totes.

I be, si teniu alguna idea o consell mes que podeu afegir a aquesta llista, compartiu-la!!!

De mentres, espero que passeu un Bon Nadal i us desitjo un Feli√ß Any Nou 2014. Moltes gracies a tots (totes, vaja) les que heu contactat per una via o altra amb mi per saludar-me i preguntar com anem. De bolit! Perdoneu que no visiti els vostres blogs i no hi participi tant com m’agradaria. A poc a poc anire treien el cap!



Knitting and crochet


I have listed these lovely dresses in my Etsy shop… if they’re successful I think I’ll be making them in different sizes and accepting custom orders… I might do a tute for the crochet ones ūüôā

Do you ever knit and crochet? I like it because you can take your work anywhere and sit comfortably with people around you. The sewing machine, although I LOVE her, isolates you in your room… plus you can’t take her with you wherever you go. If you do knit or crochet, what do you like making?


He llistat aquests vestits a la botiga d’Etsy. Si tenen exit en fare mes i fare varies mides. Potser m’animo a ensenyar un tutorial per fer-ne un de ganxet. Vosaltres en feu de mitja o ganxet? Tot i que no en faig sovint, m’agrada perque t’ho pots endur a tot arreu, seure comodament amb algu al voltant. Pero amb la maquina de cosir, tot i que m’encanta cosir amb ella, et quedes aillada a l’habitacio i no te la pots endur enlloc…

Que es el que mes us agrada fer de punt o ganxet?



Giveaway Winner


Thank you all for participating in this giveaway.

Here’s the number that the little random.org gadget came up with:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 07.36.12

which belongs to Natalie’s comment:

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 07.36.26

Natalie has a beautiful blog and a great Facebook page, so go over to have a peek and look at the amazing embroidery she does :-).

We’ll see you next time then, if you like wood, you’ll like my next guest!


Gracies a totes per participar! Aquest es el numero que random.org ha triat. La Natalie te un blog fantastic i una pagina a Facebook tambe. Visiteu-la i mireu les coses tan maques que fa.

Ens veiem a la propera. Si us agrada la fusta… us agradara la convidada!



An Etsy Giveaway: All about linen with LinenArtisan

Hello! I can finally introduce you the Linen Artisan! Margarita Rodriguez is the busy woman behind Linen Artisan, her Etsy shop, and her blog Taller de Lino. I met Margartia through the Etsy Ireland Team group. She lives in Ireland but she still keeps strong connections with Catalonia… and here she is telling you more about herself.

Hola! per fi tinc el gust de poder-vos presentar l’artesana del lli, la Margarita Rodriguez de¬†Linen Artisan. Vaig con√®ixer la Margarita a trav√©s del grup d’Etsy Ireland. La Margarita t√© un peu a Catalunya i l’altre a Irlanda… i aqu√≠ ens explica una mica el que fa. Llegiu m√©s avall l’entrevista en catal√†.


Hello, My name is Margarita and I’m a linen artisan. I started as “Taller de Lino” ¬†writing my blog in Spanish, since it was aimed to any Spanish speaker. That enabled me to sell all around Spain. In the little village where I used to live, in the Montseny area, all the neighbours knew me and used to come to my studio.

I have now a small Etsy shop that has opened my door to the English speaking world. Etsy has been a big discovery for me, I can’t stop learning from it and I have met a lot of people. People like Irina and other quilters, for example, that have converted me into a fabricoholic and a patchwork addict…! I have a lot of books, a lot of information, but I also need more time…
When did you start to become interested in linen?
I became interested in linen since the day I visited a factory and its looms. I’ve always worn linen and natural fibres. I feel they describe the way I am. I am also a vegetarian and I feel¬†that with my work¬†it is important to spread the ideals of fair trade and sustainability.
Which is the first project you made with linen?
It was a commissioned  project, a pair of laced curtains for a customer in Barcelona.
What can we find in your shop?
The work I do is very varied and it covers mainly everything for the house. My laced curtains are probably the best known, with different types of stitching such as the hemstitch and draw-thread embroidery. I also take commissions.
How can we know if the linen we buy is of good quality?
You can see the good quality of linen in the way it falls, its shine and its touch. People are often sold ramie¬†as linen and are totally unaware of this. Good linen comes from the vegetable plant when reaches about 1.5m high. When it is harvested and let to dry it produces a spinning fiber of very high quality with its unique shine and touch (which a shorter plant wouldn’t produce). Its shine results from a wax found in the inside of the stem. Just like with good wine, ¬†the soil plays an important role too.
What tips can you give us when buying linen?
When buying linen, you should look out for its density, its weight and  the number of threads per unit of measure:
oz/yd2 = ounces per squared yard
An easy way to convert gr/m2 to oz/yd2:
divide the gr/m2 by 33.906
And to determine gr/m2 from oz/yd2 multiple by 33.906.
I don’t sell linen by the yard but if anybody is interested I would be able to sell one or two yards of high quality linen.
pont 1 (2)
Is there any book about linen that you could recommend?
I cannot recommend any book about linen itself but I can highly recommend the website of the¬†European Industry of Linen, they’re the masters¬†and it won’t disappoint you. There is information about where and how it is harvested, about its many uses for anything, from building material to furniture. I also have some information in my own blog, Taller de Lino.
There are a few books on how to make projects with linen which I adore,¬†“Petit point and Toils de Lin” ¬†by Majorie Massey,¬†“Fabric inspirations” by Kate French and “Linen Craft” by Florence La Maux.
What was your first purchase in Etsy?
My first purchase were 3 drawings for myself, from a Cork based artist. The second purchase was a Christmas present. Now I try to buy everything I can in Etsy, from things for the home like homemade soap from Cork, to any of the materials I need to make my own projects.
Name a shop you like in Etsy
There are so many I like that I won’t pick one. I just can say that it has been such a great discovery of human creativity. We all have artists and musicians we admire, but there are so many other talented people around Etsy who make the most beautiful things… this is what I think it’s the best. I also admire some shops for their exquisite way of presenting their goods, even though I might not be a fan of their products I like the way they look.
What advise would you give to somebody who is thinking of setting up an Etsy shop?
Go for it. It’s an easy way to make yourself known to the world. Maybe you won’t sell a lot at first, but it is a good way of publicity. I think it is a more personal way than doing it through Facebook, for example. In Etsy, you can contact people from all around the world and if you have an unusual product or you know how to make your items to stand out, you’ll be able to benefit later on with many visits and probably lots of sales.
With Etsy you have the chance to make good publicity and marketing your goods with the help of their very well organised team.
It is hard work to make yourself known as a crafter, it either takes money or time, or both.
I also sell on other on-line markets, but they don’t have as much information as Etsy provides.
Scroll down if you want to enter Margarita’s generous giveaway
Hola! Em dic Margarita i s√≥c artesana del lli. Vaig comen√ßar amb el nom de “Taller de Lino ” perqu√® el meu blog va dirigit a ¬†qualsevol persona castellano-parlant, d’aquesta manera he pogut fer vendes per tota Espanya. Al poble on vivia, al Parc del Montseny, els ve√Įns em coneixien i venien al meu estudi-taller.
Ara, des de fa 1 any, s√≥c “Linen artisan” i estic molt contenta d’ obrir-me al m√≥n anglo-parlant, mai ho hagu√©s imaginat!
Tinc una modesta botiga a Etsy que ¬†ha obert la porta de la meva artesania al m√≥n, per dir-ho d’alguna manera. Per a mi ha estat un descobriment, mai s’acaba d’aprendre,¬†i com que s√≥c molt inquieta aix√≤ em dona molta vida.
Per si f√≥s poc, conec dones com la Irina i d’altres que m’heu enganxat al patchwork i ara s√≥c una fabric-h√≤lica…se’n diu aix√≠?¬†Ja no puc parar… Tinc informaci√≥ ¬†i ¬†llibres per tot arreu… vull aprendre per√≤ em falten hores!
Quan vas començar a interessar-te pel lli?
1- Em vaig interessar pel lli, a nivell “artesanal” quan vaig visitar una f√†brica i els seus telers. Abans ja el vestia , las fibres vegetals s√≥n molt importants per a mi , s√≥c vegetariana i amb el meu treball √©s important difondre comer√ß sostenible i comer√ß just per a humans i no-humans.
Quin és el primer projecte que vas fer?
 El primer projecte que vaig cobrar eren un visillos per  una client de Barcelona.
Què podem trobar a la tea botiga?
La meva feina √©s molt variada… ho faig tot per a la casa, potser el m√©s caracter√≠stic s√≥n els visillos amb “hemstitch” i “drawn-thread embroidery” , tamb√© faig enc√†rrecs.
Com podem saber si el lli que comprem és de bona qualitat?
La bona qualitat del lli es nota amb la caiguda, el brillo i el tacte, però estem tan acostumats a que ens venguin ràmia a canvi que potser ens passa per alt.
El bon lli √©s el resultat d’una planta vegetal de 1 ,5 m d’alt, quan es sega i es deixa assecar, es fa una filatura de bona qualitat que no t√© la fibra m√©s curta i que dona un teixit¬†d’un brillo i un tacte inconfundible. El brillo √©s el resultat d’una cera a l’interior de la tija de la planta. Com amb el bon vi, el subs√≤l tamb√© √©s important.
Quins consells ens pots donar abans de decidir-nos a comprar el lli?
Quan comprem lli el més important es conèixer la densitat, sabrem el pès i la trama (urdimbre) que són el nombre de fils per unitat de mesura:
g/m2 = grams per metre quadrat
per Anglesos i americans :

oz/yd2 = ounces per squared yard

A la meva botiga no venc lli a metres , doncs no soc supplier, no obstant si alg√ļ en necessita 1m o 2m ¬†i es aprop, li puc servir.
Hi ha algun llibre sobre el lli que puguis recomenar?
Un llibre t√®cnic sobre el lli no el puc pas recomanar, ja que s√≥c totalment autodidacta… per√≤ he apr√®s molt a la p√†gina web de la Industria Europea del Lli, els “Masters of Linen”, ¬†no us decebr√†. Hi ha informaci√≥ de com¬†i a on¬†es conreu, de las investigacions t√®cniques que es fan amb el lli per tal que sigui una fibra t√®cnica com la del carb√≥ (i sembla que pot ser millor), de com √©s utilitzada¬†ara¬†per a tot tipus de construcci√≥ i mobiliari. √Čs molt interessant.
Al meu blog Taller de Lino també en parlo http://tallerdelino.blogspot.com
Quant a llibres a nivell de costura i decoraci√≥ amb lli s√≥n la meva passi√≥, en tinc uns quants a l’estudi:
“Petit point and Toils de Lin” ¬†de la Majorie Massey,¬†“Fabric inspirations” de la Kate French, i¬†“Linen Craft” de la Florence La Maux
Quina va ser la teva primera compra a Etsy?
La meva primera compra a Etsy va ser per a mi: 3 dibuixos d’un il.lustrador de Cork. La segona va ser ¬†un regal de Nadal i ara ja compro tot el que puc, tant per a casa, com sab√≥ artes√† de Cork, com qualsevol mat√®ria prima per al meu taller.
Ens pots anomenar una botiga d’Etsy que t’agradi molt?
No puc dir nom√©s una botiga o dos en concret, prefereixo no fer-ho…
eEl que puc dir √©s que va ser un descobriment per a mi de gran magnitud de creativitat humana, del que som capa√ßos de fer… coneixes m√ļsics i artistes que admires, per√≤ saber de gent corrent a Etsy i que fa coses meravelloses ha estat important per mi.
Tamb√© admiro algunes botigues que tenen una manera de presentar exquisita. Potser el seu producte no m’interessa tant per√≤ m’agrada el gust amb que el presenten, que tamb√© √©s molt important.
Quin consell donaries a alg√ļ que est√† pensant en obrir una botiga a Etsy?
Puc aconsellar que s’hi llencin… que √©s una manera de donar-se a con√®ixer molt f√†cil. Encara que al principi no es vengui tant, es d√≥na com a refer√®ncia, √©s un aparador… ¬†Per a mi √©s m√©s √ļtil i m√©s racional que fer-ho a Facebook ¬†per als coneguts. A Etsy, contactes amb gent de tot el m√≥n, i si tens un producte poc corrent o el saps diferenciar b√© tindr√†s visites i reconeixement i m√©s tard potser m√©s vendes… Amb Etsy, tens la oportunitat de fer marketing ¬†i publicitat i un equip¬†molt ben organitzat¬†que et fa recomanacions.
Donar-te a con√®ixer com a artes√† naturalment dona feina… o gastes diners en publicitat o gastes temps.
Estic a altres botigues on-line però no hi ha  tanta informació ni tanta divulgació com a Etsy.


Moltes gr√†cies Margarita per venir a parlar-nos sobre el lli i la teva artesania i moltes gr√†cies tamb√© per oferir un dels teus articles per a sortejar entre les lectores (o lectors) d’aquest post.
Per poder participar en el sorteig d’una bossa de lli com la que veieu m√©s amunt, amb la vostra inicial brodada a punt de creu, nom√©s cal fer el seg√ľent:
Sorteig tancat.


El sorteig tancar√† el dilluns 22 de Juliol al vespre i escollirem el guanyador amb ramdom.org. Deiexeu el vostre correu electronic per poder contactar amb vosaltres! Durant la resta de Juliol i tot el mes d’Agost, la Margarita fa un 20% de descompte a la seva botiga amb el codi SUMMERTIME.

Moltes gràcies Irina ,
Gracies pels vostres comentaris! Nomes volia afegir que ofereixo un 5% m√©s a totes les lectores d’aquest blog, √©s a dir, que teniu 25% de descompte a la meva botiga fins a finals d’Agost, amb el codi BLOGGERFRIEND.
Podeu fer servir els dos codis si voleu, SUMMERTIME i BLOGGERFRIEND.
Una manera de donar-vos les gracies!


Thank you Margarita for telling us all about linen and for sharing one of your items to giveaway.
If you’d like to win one of these beautiful handmade linen bags, with your initial embroidered on it, all you have to do is the following:
This giveaway is now closed. 
This giveaway is open until the 22nd of July. We’ll choose a winner thorugh random.org, so make sure to leave your email address to we can contact you. If you do love Margarita’s items and can’t wait to see if you win… You can have 20% off all of her items during the rest of July and the whole month of August using the code SUMMERTIME.
Moltes gràcies Irina ,
Thank you all for your comments , really appreciated!
Only that I was thinking to offer an extra 5% off in my shop for those who are here with the coupon code : BLOGGERFRIEND. ¬†That means you have 25% until late August ‚Ķa way to say ‚ÄėThanks Irina and all of you ‚Äė!
It is possible to enter the 2 coupon codes above at check out, no problem! SUMMERTIME plus BLOGGERFRIEND
Thank you for reading and taking part in the giveaway!



And the winner is…

Thank you all for taking part in this giveaway, for visiting Nurananu’s shop and help to spread the love for Etsy and handmade crafts.

Thank you Nuria for offering this beautiful item and for letting us know about your Etsy experience.

So, there were a total of 23 comments (I didn’t count Nuria’s reply to one of them, can you imagine if she won her own giveaway?) and the generator showed this number:

Moltes gracies a totes les participants, gracies per visitar la botiga de Nurananu i per donar veus sobre Etsy i l’artesania online.¬†

Moltes gracies a tu, Nuria, per donar aquesta bufanda feta a ma com a premi i per parlar-nos de la teva experiencia amb Etsy.

Hi ha hagut un total de 23 comentaris (no compto el de la Nuria que contestava a un dels comentaris, imagineu-vos si guanyes el seu propi sorteig!), i el generador ha escollit el seguent numero:

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 23.05.56

which belongs to:

que es del comentari de la:

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 23.06.42

tres colors

Congratulations Nina! I’ll send you an email shortly so you can contact Nuria and give her your details and your choice of colour.

And for all of the rest who did not win, Nurananu is offering a 10% discount for any item of her shop with the coupon code SUPERSOMMER!!!

Per a la resta, la Nuria de NURANANU ofereix 10% de descompte per qualsevol article de la sega botiga amb el codi SUPERSOMMER!

Moltes felicitats Nina!

T’enviare un email per a que et posis en contacte amb la Nuria i li diguis quin color prefereixes.¬†

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An Etsy Giveaway: Nurananu

Well here’s the first post about Etsy and its sellers!

I have the pleasure to introduce you Nuria from NURANANU!



Hi! My name is Nuria and I have a little shop in Etsy which, for those who don’t know about it, it is one of the biggest handmade and vintage on-line marketplace.

I fell in love with Etsy and its philosophy on new commerce from the very beginning. Soon after getting to know it, I tried to summarise all the things I found appealing about it in this post which I first published in Unadocenade.com, From there, and to my surprise, it was widely spread through Facebook and Twitter.

I realised then, that I was not the only one falling in love with this way of doing. I realised there is a bunch of people out there who, fed up with some weird side effects of globalization, are also looking for fairer ways of commerce. Because… let’s be honest, does any of you think that what we pay for our clothes in certain clothes store chains is really paying the makers’ work? I don’t think so. But still we will complain about the buttons falling off after a few days… Although we are not paying for quality, we expect it! We have lost sight of the cost of material and workforce. It is very sad but news like this one are not surprising to us anymore. We just close our eyes and keep buying!

My struggle at home: Children do not need the million clothes they own. They do not know what to wear if there is so much anyway. We can spend the money in less things of better quality.


I decided to open a shop on Etsy, first of all, to keep my sanity after becoming mum for a second time. Also to keep me mentally updated and understand how e-commerce works, to avoid making a “poker face” when the young ones talk about social media, to avoid become a dinosaur, really. I did it in order to understand the changes that occur in the world around me (and my children). It’s a kind of fight against my personal obsolescence.

Not to mention the fact that this little project brought together all the things I always liked: design, crafting, photography photo edition, writting, getting to know people, inventing logos, learning new stuff… It all started like a little game to fill my spare time with something creative. Slowly, I found myself looking for more time to complete my self-imposed tasks and now I consider bringing it to the next level trying to get a little income out of it.



If you are considering opening a shop in Etsy I would recommend you to investigate inside the platform. You will find everything there as well as in Etsy’s blog, and whatever you can’t find you could ask in your team threads, where you will find plenty of people willing to help you.


There are plenty of lovely shops! You can find just anything! Since I have to choose only two of them I will pick two of my own ‚Äúfield‚ÄĚ, as they also work with needles and yarn.

The first one: Knitbranda, owned by sisters Paula and Mariana from Buenos Aires. When I grow up I want to be like them. They have an amazing shop. All of their articles are ordered like a colour chart, which produces in me the same fascination you get when you open a brand new colour pencil box. You can almost feel the smell of the wood. They are not only efficient but also extremely friendly, fun and helpful. I have to publicly mention it here, otherwise there wouldn’t be a way for me to thank them enough for all their good advise. ūüôā

The second one I want to tell you about is Thesummerhouseshop owned by Zaida Martín. She is just starting with extremely delicate articles and an impeccable photography. I met her in an Etsy gathering. Zaida emanates the same sensitivity as her work. It was a pleasure to meet her and plenty of good omens, with no doubt.


This was my first shopping in Etsy. It was a kind of trial to see how the transaction worked. I loved it from the first moment! It is a printing of a painting by Tali, an israeli artist who has a beautiful shop called Tushtush.

I have also bought supplies on Etsy for my own crafts, but one of the purchase I have made that I remember with fondness is three pins (little red ridding hood, wolf and a dragon) by Teresa S√°nchez from Ovejitabe.


Aqui teniu el  primer post sobre Etsy i els seus venedors/es!

Us presento la Nuria de NURANANU!



Hola! Em dic N√ļria i tinc una petita botigueta a Etsy que, pels qui no ho s√†piguen, √©s un dels majors portals de venda d’artesania on-line.

Etsy i el seu plantejament del nou comer√ß em van enamorar des d’un principi i em va emp√®nyer a escriure l’article, que mencionava la Irina l’altre dia. Aquesta entrada, en que vaig mirar de sintetitzar tot el que m’atreia d’aquesta plataforma, va tenir bona acollida al blog coral on la vaig publicar origin√†riament.

Amb aix√≤, em vaig adonar que aquest era un moviment que no nom√©s m’estava enamorant a m√≠, sino a un munt de gent que, farts dels efectes secundaris de la globalitzaci√≥, busquen altres formes de comer√ß m√©s justes perque, no ens enganyem, de veritat creieu que pagant segons quins preus a cadenes de roba, que tots coneixem, estem retribuint de forma justa la feina de qui l’ha fet? Jo crec que no. Penso que hem perdut de vista el cost real de les coses, tant dels materials com de la confecci√≥. I a sobre ens queixarem quan se li caiguin els botons passats dos dies… Es molt trist per√≤ not√≠cies com aquesta ja no ens sorprenen.

La meva lluita personal: Els nens no necesiten un milió de prendres. No necessiten el munt de roba que tenen. Menys coses i de millor qualitat.


Vaig decidir obrir una botiga a Etsy, en primer lloc, per no tornar-me boja durant la meva segona maternitat, per mantenir el cap en forma, per entendre tot aix√≤ del comer√ß on line, per no posar cara de xina qual els joves parlen de reds socials, perque no vull ser un dinosaure, perque vull entendre els canvis que es produeixen al m√≥n de la comunicaci√≥ i amotllar-m’hi. Una mena de lluita personal contra la obsolesc√®ncia.

A banda, aquest petit projecte reunia totes les coses que sempre m’ha agradat fer: fer coses amb les meves mans, escriure, fer fotografies, editar-les, inventar-me un logo, con√®ixer gent, aprendre coses noves… Va comen√ßar com un petit joc a hores mortes i ara em plantejo si no podria enfilar-ho a un altre nivel i convertir-ho en una ocupaci√≥ que pugu√©s arribar a complementar l’economia familiar.


A qui vulgu√©s obrir-hi una botiga li diria que investigu√©s a dins del propi portal, que s’un√≠s a alg√ļn grup. Hi ha un munt d’informaci√≥ sobre les coses que funcionen, sobre experi√®ncies d’altri… Si parles angl√©s trobar√†s tot el que et cal. I si llegir en angl√®s et fa mandra o no acaba d’arribar-te t√©ns una altra opci√≥: (i ara sembla que escombri cap a casa pero) et recomanaria molt i molt que li don√©siss una ullada al blog Etsy habla espa√Īol.

Donat que sembla que Etsy no acaba de decidir-se a donar-nos un espai a la p√†gina oficial. Hem iniciat aquest blog, de forma extraoficial. Es tracta d’una iniciativa que va sorgir del nucli del grup de gent que va traduir Etsy al castell√† i al qual hi participo de tant en tant amb alg√ļn article, ja sigui traducci√≥ del blog oficial o de nova creaci√≥.

Aquests barrets reversibles aviat estaran a la venda a Nurananu!


These reversible hats will be for sale soon on Nurananu


Un parell de botigues que m’agraden molt… Buf. N’hi ha un munt! Hi ha botigues fant√†stiques! Hi pots trobar de tot. Per√≤ com que n’he d’escollir dues em quedo amb un parell ‚Äúdel meu ram‚ÄĚ. Vull dir que tamb√© fan coses amb fils i agulles.

La primera. La de les germanes Paula y Mariana de Buenos Aires. Quan sigui gran vull ser com elles. Tenen una botiga fant√†stica, Knitbranda. Tots els seus articles estan ordenats formant una paleta de colors, que em produeix la mateixa fascinaci√≥ que el moment d’obrir una caixa de colors nova. Quasi sents la olor de la fusta. No nom√©s s√≥n eficients amb la seva botiga sino que, a nivell personal, s√≥n encantadores. He tingut molt contacte amb la Paula, a trav√©s dels treballs de traducci√≥ que hem realitzat. He de dir-ho aqu√≠ p√ļblicament, perque d’altra manera no em ser√† possible poder-li agra√Įr mai el munt de bons consells que m’ha arribat a donar.

La segona que voldria mencionar √©s Thesummerhouseshop de la Zaida Mart√≠n. Tot just arrenca amb uns articles d’una delicadesa extrema i amb una fotograf√≠a impecable. Vaig coincidir amb ella en una trobada de venedors d’Etsy. La Zaida despren la mateixa sensibilitat que la seva obra. Un plaer con√®ixer-la i bons auguris, sens dubte.


Aquesta va ser la meva primera compra a Etsy. Era una mena de prova, volia veure com funcionava tot a la hora de realitzar una transacci√≥. Aquesta va ser l’excusa, la realitat √©s que em va encantar! Es una impressi√≥ sobre tela d’una pintura realitzada per la Tali, una artista israel√≠ que t√© una botiga preciosa anomenada Tushtush.

A Etsy tamb√© hi he comprat materials per fer coses jo. Entre els meus favorits, tinc uns quants fils assenyalats per futurs articles per√≤ una altra de les compres que recordo amb tendresa, son les tres agulles que li vaig comprar a la Teresa S√°nchez de Ovejitabe. La caputxeta, el llop i un drac. En realitat, tot i que les vaig comprar per regalar, encara s√≥n al meu calaix! ūüėČ


Nuria has very kindly offered an item from her shop to give away. International entries welcome!

For a chance to win this beautiful scarf in any of these three colours

visit Nuria’s Etsy shop and write a comment here telling us which item you like the best.

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This giveaway will stay open for 2 weeks.

The winner will be announced in this post and notified via email on the 6th of May.

tres colors

La Nuria ha ofert molt generosament aquesta article de la seva botiga per sortejar entre vosaltres.

Per poder guanyar aquesta bufanda en un d’aquests tres colors nomes cal

visitar la seva botiga i tornar aqui per escriure un comentari dient-nos quin es l’article que mes us agrada.

Si voleu mes oportunitats per guanyar (escrivint un comentari per separat):

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El sorteig queda obert fins el 6 de Maig i el guanyador@ s’anunciara aqui en aquest post

a part de ser avisat@ via email.


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