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The Craft Group


I’ve finally joined a craft group! My super talented neighbour and friend Úna (remember her beautiful books?) invited me a looong time ago to join them but it wasn’t very practical for me with 2 young children. They’re still young, yes, but now I will be able to manage to meet up every second week and do lots of crafts, have a great laugh and enjoy the company of these amazing ladies! It’s so good because all the girls live very close by and every time they meet they rotate the house. I can’t wait to host a meeting in mine!

Per fi m’he afegit a un grup de manualitats! La meva veina-amiga, l’ Una (recordeu els seus llibres fets a ma) em va convidar fa temps pero amb els nens no podia comprometre’m. Ara ja si que ho trobo mes facil el poder escapar-me una nit. Cada dos dimecres ens reunim, rotant la casa cada vegada, i passem una bona estona, fent coses, rient, xerrant i picant. Totes viuen molt a prop, a no mes de 15 minuts en cotxe la que queda mes lluny… Ja tinc ganes de que vinguin a la meva!


Everyone brings their projects along with some yummy stuff to keep you going. I made a tea brack, but after seeing this creamy roulade I could leave the brack aside…

Cadascu porta els seus projectes i alguna cosa per menjar i beure. Vaig fer un tea brack, pero despres de veure aquest braç de gitano, a veure qui es menja el meu brack!


I thought I’d bring my little sashiko coaster that I made a few weeks ago (I’ll post all about it soon) along with a book that I borrowed so they could have a look.

Vaig portar el  posagots de sashiko que vaig fer (del qual ja escriure tot un post), i un llibre que m’han deixat per a que hi fessin una ullada.


In the meantime, I wanted to make some progress on my abandoned LiliPopo Easter Girl. I couldn’t finish it there and then, but I did finish it last night!

I de mentres vaig intentar avançar feina amb el patro de la LiliPopo. No la vaig poder acabar aquella nit pero si que la vaig acabar ahir!


So here’s the final product. I still think I should plan in advance the colours I’ll use though. I’m happy with it, but when you see Kate’s original patterns, they’re so much carefully planned!

Aixi que ja la podeu veure. Crec que hauria de planejar una mica mes be els colors que faig servir, estic contenta amb el reseultat, pero si veiessiu els projectes de la Kate, ja m’entendrieu…







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A Patchwork Finish, Embroidery Progress and an Offer…

Wow! Lots to talk about today!

Pol’s quilt is finished and has been sent away in its own little bag. I used some charms from School Days mixed with some other squares of Kona yellow and green. I had a backing in mind for it, but when the top was finished I didn’t quite like the combination so I run to the local fabric shop and found this argyle from Tanya Whelan.



El quilt del Pol ja ha volat cap a Catalunya! La tela es d’un charm pack de School Days i el darrere es de la Tanya Whelan. Vaig anar a la botiga de teles volant perque la tela que habia triat en un principi no em va agradar un cop el davant estava acabat.




Would you like to see my embroidery progress…?

Voleu veure les noves puntades que he afegit al mostrari…?


I added a few more stitches to my sampler hoop and I’m so happy I finally know how to make French knots!!! So many times I had tried by reading instructions and ended up with nothing… but now I know you have to hold the thread with your other hand while you pull the needle out.

Per fi ja se com es fan els nusos francesos! Mai no me’n sortia i amb aquestes instruccions tan clares ja els se fer.


Now, you remember I tod you I used to cross stitch? I was doing some spring cleaning and I found out a pile of Jeremiah Junction Cross Country Stitching patterns that I know I won’t use anymore. I have 29 of them and you can see some of them here below:

Recordeu quan vaig dir que fa temps feia punt de creu? he estat fent neteja i he trobat una pila de patrons de Jeremiah Junction Cros Country Stitching. No els fare servir mes. En tinc 29 i aqui en podeu veure una mostra:IMG_6199




I will gladly send them to any of you who would like to use them.

I will make 3 sets, two of 10 patterns and one of 9, or depending on the demand, 4 or 5 sets. I’ll take photos of every single one of them so you can see and choose. Just leave a comment here if you are interested. It will be on a first come first serve basis.

Si algu hi esta interessat, els hi enviare. Fare dues piles de 10 i una de 9, pero si hi ha mes demanda, faria piles mes petites. Nomes cal que deixeu un comentari dient-me si els voleu i ja em posare en contacte amb vosaltres. Fare fotos de cada un dels que tinc per aixi poder triar. El primer que escrigui triara primer.


Wow! ok so, 5 7 it is! Sorry for those who haven’t got here earlier! It would be quite a bit on postage if I made smaller sets, I hope you understand… I’m going to contact those I have selected and let you know what’s available. 



New Stitches

IMG_6026I used to cross stitch a looooooong time ago… I think it’s the second thing my mum taught me craftwise, knitting was the first. I made a good few cross stitched projects, but the only one I took with me when I came to live in Ireland was this one. I like it, three colours only, on linen. I think I got the pattern from one of my mum’s Burda magazines, hence the German…

Fa moooolt de temps que ja no faig res de punt de creu, pero es una de les primeres cose que la meva mare em va ensenyar, a part de fer punt. He fet bastantes coses en punt de creu, pero l’unica que vaig portar aqui a Irlanda es aquest quadre fet sobre tela de lli, en tres colors. Crec que vaig treure el patro d’una de les revista de Burda de la meva mare, per aixo esta en alemany…


I always hand sew everything up until 5 years ago when I started to learn how to use a sewing machine, so the only stitches I know well are the backstitch, cross stitch, chain … Oh yes, and the runner stitch for hand quilting! Actually, now that I’m thinking of I also know the blanket stitch…so that’s not too bad after all.

Anyway, it hasn’t been until recently though that I’m admiring hand embroidery, especially when Natalie from SEWING ROOM SECRETS popped in here one day and I discovered her newborn blog. She makes these cute things, mixing embroidery with appliqué, just look at this, this and this, and she’s also a quilter!

Then I saw this project she’s working on, from Lilipopo‘s lovely patterns (which you can find in here).

So now I’m definitely trying some embroidery, who wouldn’t after seeing all this! Natalie was very good at leading me to Sarah’s Hand Embroidery Tutorials where you can find AMAZING tutorials for all kinds of stitches. So I took a hoop and started trying all the stitches that Sarah teaches in her site. What about you? do you cross stitch or do embroidery? Would you show me your work by adding the link in a comment? thank you!

I’ll show you what I’ve done so far…


The fern stitch on dark red and the algerian eye stitch in yellow.


The ray stitch in light green and the fan stitch in purple. Above I made a border with an interlaced running stitch, combining three colours.

Sempre he cosit tot a ma fins fa 5 anys quan vaig aprendre a cosir a maquina. Nomes se uns quants  punts, el recte, el de festo, el de creu i el de cadeneta. No esta tan malament…

Fa unes setmanes vaig descobrir el blog d’una nova seguidora, la Natalie, de SEWING ROOM SECRETS, i ultimament estic admirant els brodats que fa. Mireu aixo, aixo i aixo, i a mes fa patchwork tambe!  Pero aleshores, vaig veure aquest projecte que esta fent ara, d’un patro de la Lilipopo on podeu trobar-ne mes aqui. I be, despres de veure aixo… doncs ho vull probar! La Natalie em va dirigir cap aquesta web, on pots trobar tutorials de tots els punts imaginables! Aixi que he agafat l’aro de brodar (o com se digui!!!) i he decidit probar tots els punts de la web. De moment he fet aixo. No traduire els punts perque no tinc ni idea de com es deuen dir en catala…ho sento! Ja anire ensenyant el meu progres a mida que vagi fent.

I vosaltres? feu punt de creu  o brodats? voleu ensenyar el que feu? deixeu un comentari amb l’enllaç per que ho pugui veure! gracies!


These are not very well made diamond eyelets…


The one on the left is a mistake, but it turned out to be a lovely pattern! I wanted to make the stepped running stitch but I didn’t realize I had to alternate the running stitches. The one on the right is a variety of the parallel running stitch.


So I added a line of running stitches to alternate with the red ones, but then the stepped running stitch wasn’t working that well because it needs a wider space between the two lines…


On the left there’s a variety of the parallel running stitch and on the right the whipped running stitch.

I’ll show you more next week!