Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Hand Quilt Category

photo 1 copy 6 I wasn’t sure whether I would be participating this time or not, but here I go again. I missed my chance last spring but I had participated way before and I had a nice experience. The amount of amazing quilts to be seen… you go “oooh, ahhh”  while admiring one after the other! So here’s my entry for the hand quilted category. I already wrote about it, so if you want to have a look at more close up photos you can pop over.

I really like this little quilt I made for a swap organised by the Irish Modern Quilters. There is a good amount of hand stitching in there! The central panel features a hand embroidered dragon fly that I designed inspired by a mobile in my daughter’s room. I used a variety of stitches to give different textures and a nice range of threads matching the colours of the patchwork border. photo 2 copy 6 I hand quilted spirals all around the dragon fly in different sizes. I wanted it to look like like whirly  breeze around it. On the patchwork border the stitches run along in arches, forming loops with each other, again in different colour threads. photo 1 copy 7 It is a small simple quilt, but I love it, it cheers you up with those bright warm colours, and my swap partner was very happy to receive it. So I thought it would be nice to show it of once more! photo 2 copy 7 If you would like to see more quilts in this category click here. But make sure you don’t miss to visit all the rest, it is truly amazing! Voting begins on the 1st of November… So fingers crossed!!!  



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14 responses to “Blogger’s Quilt Festival: Hand Quilt Category

  1. Beautiful quilt and quilting.

  2. What a bright and fun quilt! I really like how the swirls around the dragonfly add motion!

  3. Good luck Irina! Now I might do the same 😉

  4. karenfae

    what a beautiful dragonfly

  5. That’s such a delightful little quilt … a lot of stitches in there. Well done!

  6. Love those swirls! Suits the quilt so well!

  7. audrey

    Very sweet! Love the stitching!

  8. Yes, yes, yes I love it!

  9. Pam

    Love your design
    It makes me smile 🙂

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