Summer Fair Preps

photo 2

I am getting ready for my second craft fair and, again, I’m feeling a bit nervous! Will I have enough stock, am I focusing on the right items, am I making too much of this and not enough of that? Oh dear, I know it will be grand in the end, but you always have those thoughts at the back of your mind until you are set up and running the stall on the day. I had a great experience with the Christmas Fair in Kinvara, so I’d like to try and jump into another fair.

I’ve decided to make a few things that children might like, like pencil cases, tin whistle pouches, hairbands, covered notebooks, etc… I think I will also be selling my quilled bookmarks and cards…  so I contacted Aylin, from Aylin Nilya, a blog that I have been following for a while, who gave me the green light to use her Sleeping Bag pouch tutorial to make a few for selling at the Fair. Aren’t these bags fantastic? I love that they can stay wide open so you can find the right coloured pencil while still keeping everything tugged in. They’d be great as a make up bag too.

photo 4 copy

I realised I needed some more school-aged friendly fabric and headed over to The Quilt Shop in TuamThere I met Sonia, who happens to have an Etsy shop too. She was really helpful and this is what I left with (I could have spent more time there if I hadn’t had Mr F. and the Little Button waiting in the car).


photo 1 copy 2

Just when I was taking these shots, Conor turned up next to me and fell in love with the robots, especially that blue one… (who knows why that one in particular). Every time he sees it he goes WWWWWOOOOOOWWWWWW…

photo 2 copy 3

I still have to make the tin whistle pouches, but this is the music themed fabric I found for them. I love the notes and the guitars! So far I have made a few sleeping bag pouches. Aylin’s tutorial is pretty easy to follow and although it calls for an endless zipper, you also have the option to use a long normal zipper. That is what I used and I thought I’d share a tip on it if you decide to try and make one too.

photo 3 copy 2

I used a 22″ zip, and made a mark at 6″ from the end, so I know where to start sewing. I also clipped all around the length where it starts to go along the curve, so it is easier to lay it flat. I sandwiched the zipper between the lining and the outer fabric and hand basted the three layers before sewing them using the zipper foot. That’s all.

photo 1 copy 3


photo 2 copy 4

I loved making these bags, they seem tricky enough with the zipper, but I’d like to try to make them with an endless one. I think it will be easier anyhow and I already placed an order for some of them in this Etsy shop .

Go over to Aylin’s blog and have a look at her work, she has some fab tutorials!




7 responses to “Summer Fair Preps

  1. Hi 🙂 I also made a whole bunch of these for a craft fair… I had them labeled as Sleeping Bag Pouches and people were constantly asking what that meant etc… I ended up just calling them pencil pouches and sold more lol… just a little FYI 🙂

  2. No pares!!! M’encanten els estoigs i les teles. Ànims

    • he he… de cosir si que paro, i tant! Pero en el mon blogaire no ho sembla. Entre post i post en passen les mil i una i en la majoria no hi ha cap puntada.

  3. Good luck Irina !!
    Que tinguis forces vendes !
    BTW ja voldria jo una botiga com aquesta a la city …no n’hi ha ni una !

  4. Segur que t’anirà fantàsticament bé!!!

  5. Thank you for your tips on how to work the regular zipper. I just made myself one of these and since I didn’t have an endless zipper like Aylin, I found your little hints helpful. I love the pencil pouch, by the way. So cool-looking and practical.

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