Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Happy St.Patrick’s Day! I hope you had a nice day. We stayed on the island, went for a walk, had scones with cream and jam… For a change it didn’t rain!Hooray!  That means no rainbow in the sky but there was one in my house!

I have finished the third Rainbow Wonky Squares Quilt. Oh, how I love it! It is ready to be posted to America. I think it will look so pretty as a wall hanging for a nursery, and I hope both mummy and baby will like it as much as I do!

photo 1

Feliç dia de St Patrici! Avui ens hem quedat a casa tot el dia, hem anat a passejar, hem menjat scones amb nata i mermelada… i no ha pogut! (sempre plou per StPatirci…) aixo vol dir que no hi ha hagut cap Arc de St Marti, pero en canvi el tenim a casa!

Ja he acabat el Rainbow Wonky Squares Quilt, com m’agrada aquest quilt! Ja esta llest per a enviar a America. Crec que quedara tan bonic penjat a la paret de l’habitacio on ha d’anar. Espero que tant a la mare com al nado els agradi tant com a mi.

photo 4

There is some exciting things going on too. I am working on my logo, labels, business cards, banners, etc… it takes so long! So now at last you get to see a small sample of it and know who are the main characters of El Petit Taller. My little ants!!! You see, the first name I thought for my blog was La Formigueta (the little ant), because I loved making those quilled ants and that’s how I saw myself… working like a laborious ant in my sewing room… but alas, that name was taken! So my sewing room got the name instead, The Little Workshop it is. Some English speakers don’t get it (and why should they), I know, and they thing Taller is in English (like the opposite of shorter) and that together with Petit… well, it doesn’t make much sense… does it? So now you know, taller is pronounced “tayeh”, and it’s the word for workshop!

photo 4 copy

Com ja sabeu, estic enfeinada preparant el meu logo, noves tarjetes, etiquetes, etc… i sabeu qui son les protagonistes? les meves formiguetes! i es que en un principi, el nom del meu blog volia ser La Formigueta, perque era aixi com em veia, com una formiga laboriosa treballant en el seu taller… pero el nom ja l’havien agafat, aixi que el taller va ser el protagonista i que va agafar el nom. Tinc uns quants problemes aqui amb la gent de parla anglesa, es pensen que taller esta escrit en angles (que vol dir “mes alt”) i es clar, ja em diras tu “El Petit Mes Alt” no te gaire sentit…

photoSo there you go, here’s the story of my blog/shop’s name, my ants and my Rainbow Quilt!

Doncs aqui us deixo… amb el meu Arc de St Marti i les meves formiguetes…!



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8 responses to “Happy St Patrick’s Day!

  1. Loving the rainbow, ants and all!

  2. love your cute ants. brilliant!!

  3. What a beautiful rainbow quilt!

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