The Modern Irish Bee

Well, well… it looks like spring is showing up slowly! I love the light in my sewing room where I spent almost the entire weekend. Who knows when I’ll be able to enter again…

Before the end of last year, I joined the Modern Irish Bee and I’m loving it. I missed the first round, and I thought I had missed this round too but fortunately they were still looking for one more spot and there you go, jumped in!

photo 4

It’s so nice to imagine how the different blocks will make up the quilt. The January block was organised by Ruth. It was tricky to match all those 1″ squares, but it was a challenge I enjoyed. In fact, there will be a few of those in my June block (yes, I already came up with the design for my block!).

photo 1 copy 2


Cindy was the February Queen Bee and she had us all busy with spools. I had a lot of work to do in February and although I had the fabric chosen and cut, I didn’t start making them until the end… I finished them this weekend and I am very happy how they came out. This quilt will be amazing!

photo 2 copy

And well… I was on a sewing spree yesterday, all the scraps were out, the iron on, the sewing machine ready… and I just happened to have one of the low volume prints that Sarah, the March Queen Bee, was suggesting for her block, plus I was itching to try this tutorial. I couldn’t have been able to go to bed without having it done! I really really liked this one and I think I will be making a quilt like this. Maybe a wall hanging for my sewing room…


photo 3


I’d like to show you a bit of the design I made for my quilt… but I think it will be better to keep it until June. Only 3 more months… that’s nothing!


Sembla que la primavera ja comença a donar senyals! M’encanta quan el meu petit taller s’omple de llum, on m’hi he passat practicament quasi tot el  cap de setmana!

Abans d’acabar l’any, em vaig apuntar al Modern Irish Bee. No se si se’n fan d’aquests “grups d’abelles” entre les costureres catalanes, pero us ho recomano! Normalment es fa un grup de 12, i cada persona te un mes. Decidiu quin bloc voleu per a un quilt (de 12 o 24 blocs) i quan sigui el vostre mes envieu un tutorial a cada una de la resta d’abelles per a que us el faci i us l’envii. Aixi tens un quilt fet per totes les abelles del grup. Oi que es bona idea?

Doncs mes amunt teniu els blocs de Gener, Febrer i Març. Si voleu donar una ullada a les instruccions, aqui teniu l’enllaç del Modern Quilt Guild of Ireland i podreu anar seguint el que fem durant la resta de l’any. Jo ja tinc el meu bloc preparat, pero fins el Juny no el podre ensenyar!




4 responses to “The Modern Irish Bee

  1. Hey Irina, Fi here (Patchworkdelights) your blocks look great! I agree the January blocks were fiddly but a feeling of achievement when they were done! Loved the spools, now to do Sarah’s block! Fi

  2. You are so quick! They all look lovely and are so different from mine.

  3. Interessant! Esperant a veure’n el resultat!

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