Knitting and crochet


I have listed these lovely dresses in my Etsy shop… if they’re successful I think I’ll be making them in different sizes and accepting custom orders… I might do a tute for the crochet ones 🙂

Do you ever knit and crochet? I like it because you can take your work anywhere and sit comfortably with people around you. The sewing machine, although I LOVE her, isolates you in your room… plus you can’t take her with you wherever you go. If you do knit or crochet, what do you like making?


He llistat aquests vestits a la botiga d’Etsy. Si tenen exit en fare mes i fare varies mides. Potser m’animo a ensenyar un tutorial per fer-ne un de ganxet. Vosaltres en feu de mitja o ganxet? Tot i que no en faig sovint, m’agrada perque t’ho pots endur a tot arreu, seure comodament amb algu al voltant. Pero amb la maquina de cosir, tot i que m’encanta cosir amb ella, et quedes aillada a l’habitacio i no te la pots endur enlloc…

Que es el que mes us agrada fer de punt o ganxet?




10 responses to “Knitting and crochet

  1. Oh baby stuff all the way at the moment. Want to keep my feet up before bub arrives. Started a little hat last night.

  2. I had a look and this is for me the most beautiful .. but I like all of them..
    lovely !!
    ‘Baby girl’s dress, long-sleeved dress’:
    You are very crafty…giggles !

  3. Those are lovely little dresses 🙂 I’ve thought of making myself a dress like that but haven’t gotten one of those ’round tuit gadgets yet. When I’m not quilting I am knitting. Socks mostly.

  4. I only used a pair of knitting needles to make the bodice. It’s like making a little jumper and then you attach the skirt. I think I will get a tutorial together :-). I love knitting socks, because I like using double pointed needles.

  5. I used to knit a lot when I was younger – my Mum had a wool shop and I would knit for customers – Aran and mohair mostly. Then, when my son came along, I knit lots of things for him – I still have some booties I think (nearly 20 years old!). I still knit the odd wee thing and crochet too, when I get a chance 🙂 These little dresses are gorgeous – I hope they sell well in your Etsy shop! Natalie x

    • Oh wow, your mum had a wool shop? That’s so nice… I too keep all the little socks, hat and jumpers that I’ve made for Hana and Conor. My mum knits as well and I also keep all what she’s made… And guess what, just yesterday I sold one of the dresses! the red one on the top left of this picture. One of my favourites… 🙂

      • Natalie

        Congratulations Irina on your first dress sale! I hope it is the first of many, they are so pretty xx

  6. Ooooohh! Quina monada de vestidets! Tinc pendent de fer-ne un per la clàudia! M’encanta el teu blog… Et vaig seguint. Una abraçada! Montse de

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