Quilting again

Remember this quilt? The “Wonky Squares” that a friend had commissioned me for her nephew? Well, it’s one of my favourites. I like that it looks so simple, there’s solids and it’s so colourful.  It is quite successful among readers too…

A while ago I was asked to write the tutorial, so I did.  I didn’t make it exactly the same, because I want my quilts to be unique, but the technique is the same. The top has been ready for ages! but I just couldn’t find the time to quilt it and the space in my sewing room was a bit restricted as well. I have a few other tops queuing up, so I hope to have them done over the next few weeks.

photo copy


It’s a bit wrinkled because I had to turn the fabric so often with all those zig-zags!

Now I only have to hide those treads and make the binding. I’m still deciding what colour should I use. What do you think? The backing is an apple green, although you can’t really appreciate it because of the light (it’s raining today…). Should I stick to solids for it? or maybe I could use a small busy print…?


Recordeu aquest quilt? El “wonky Squares” que una amiga em va encarregar pel seu nebot? Es un dels meu preferits. M’agrada perque es veu molt senzill, sense estampats i amb molt de color. Tambe te bastant d’exit entre els lectors…

Fa temps que em van demanar si podia escriure el tutorial i aixi ho he fet. Ja fa temps que el tenia fet pero mai no trobava el temps per encoixinar-lo, i tampoc hi havia gaire lloc… No es exactament el mateix, l’he fet una mica diferent i mes petit perque m’agrada que els quilts que faig siguin unics, pero la tecnica es la mateixa.


Esta una mica arrugat perque havia d’anar girant-lo tnat sovint amb tantes zigazagues… Ara nomes falta amagar uns quants fils i fer la beta, pero encara estic decidint quin color fer servir… El darrere es de color verd poma, ben viu. Quin color penseu que aniria be? Segueixo amb colors llisos o potser que faci servir algun estampat petit? que farieu vosaltres?



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5 responses to “Quilting again

  1. Michele T

    I think that a solid black would work… or a solid navy blue.

  2. It’s adorable, Irina. Somehow I missed the first quilt so I’m glad for the chance to see both! Where is the tutorial?

  3. Thank you!
    The tutorial is not published yet. I’ll finish this quilt first and I’ll let you know where you can find it 😉

  4. This is a great way to use up solids Irina! I think a nice bright red would frame it nicely, or you could use one of those fabrics that graduates in colour, like a sunset, do you know the kind I mean? Now THAT would be lush as a binding as it would showcase the whole range of colours!
    Natalie x

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