Rolling Pencil Case

Hello all! We had such beautiful summer days over the last 3 weeks… Unbelievable! And just a few days ago the rain turned up. The temperatures haven’t really fallen down though and  we even heard thunder, but it didn’t last very long.

I have started to put some order in my sewing room. It’s great how it makes you feel like you want to go straight into sewing. Yesterday afternoon I could have Hana entertained by a friend while Conor was taking his nap so I made this rolling pencil case.


I know I have a nice fabric with jungle animals stashed somewhere but I can’t find it. Then I found this Japanese fat quarter with penguins that I bought in Barcelona. A friend had bought me the nice penguin buttons and the pink stripy fabric was screaming to be used in this combo, so there you go.

photo copy

It didn’t take that long, only that Conor woke up and I had to have a little brake. Still I finished just in time to have it ready for Hana when she came back from her play date. She loved it and used it straight away. She’s into dinosaurs big time! We have planned a trip to the Museum of Natural History in New York…

Not long after Conor was born, I took her to one of those indoor play areas where they can climb, jump on bouncy castles, dive into pools full of balls… I was sitting in a super comfy chair (wishing it was a bed at the time…) and conor was fast asleep, so I took out a book about New York from the shelves. They were all photos of the main touristic attractions of the city. Hana was bored after a while as there were no children around and came to sit by my side. We were flicking through the pages and kind of dreaming of the places we’d go and the things we’d do if we were there and then she saw the huge skeleton of this dinosaur in the middle of the hall in the Museum of Natural History.  So we decided that we’ll go to New York one day, in about 3 years time, when Conor is able to remember the visit and have some fun too. It was a good time to tell her about saving money, so we started to put a few coins in this clay piggy bank we have. She has it all planned. After the museum we’ll have a bagel. The next page was covered with bagels you see, such a close up that you would almost tear the page away in a bite. So well, the piggy bank is in the mantle piece and only 2€ coins are allowed to go in, although I’m pretty sure we’ll find some other stuff in there. Soon we’ll have to get a second pig because this one is getting fat amazingly quicker than I thought.

So what about you? Have you been to New York? Any recommendations on what to do with kids in there? Have you any “special” trip planned? one of those that you need a few full piggy banks???



Hola! Hem tingut uns dies d’estiu fantastics durant les ultimes 3 setmanes, pero ja fa un parell de dies que ha arribat la pluja… Hem sentit trons tambe pero no han durat gaire. Quina llastima perque m’necanten les tormentes!

Per fi he tingut un moment per endreçar l’habitacio de cosir. Quines ganes que t’netren de fer coses quan estar tot en ordre! Com que tenia la Hana amb una amiga i el Conor dormint la migdiada he pogut fer un petit projecte, un estoig per als llapis de colors.

photo copy 2

Vaig comprar aquest fat quarter de pinguins a la tenda japonesa Nunoya de Barcelona. Volia fer servir una tela d’animals que tinc guardada en algun lloc, pero no l’habia pogut trobar (deu estar tan ben guardada…). El botonet de pingui me’l va comprar una amiga i la tela de ratlles roses i blanques em demanava a crits que la fes servir, aixi que amb tot aixo, ha sortit aixo.


La Hana el va fer servir a l’instant. Li encanten els dinosaures i va estar-se una bona estona entretinguda amb els colors, el bloc i l’estoig. Tenim “organitzat” un viatge a Nova York, per veure els dinosaures al Museu d’Historia Natural. Tot aixo ve arrel d’un llibre de fotos de Nova York que un dia estavem mirant. Quan va veure l’esquelet enorme d’un dunosaure al mig de la sala del museu, va dir que volia anar a veure’l. Vam decidir començar a estalviar i la nostra fita es que d’aqui tres anys podrem anar-hi tots quatre. En Conor tindra 3 anys i aixi segur que tambe podra disfrutar del viatge. Despres del museu haurem d’anar a menjar un bagel… En una de les pagines del llibre hi habia un primer pla de bagels i quasi et podies menjar la pagina sencera. I aixi ho va decidir. Anirem a Nova York a veure els dinosaures i a menjar un bagel.


De moment ja tenim un porquet de fang quasi ple. Nomes les monedes de 2 euros hi tenen acces, pero em fa l’efecte que hi trobarem altres coses…


i vosaltres? Heu estat mai a Nova York? Que ens recomaneu fer amb nens? Teniu planejat algun viatge per d’aqui… una bona temporada fins que tingueu prous porquets plens per anar-hi???



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13 responses to “Rolling Pencil Case

  1. Love your pencil case. I’ve never been to New York, but I dearly want to see the Statue of Liberty. We are hoping to make a trip to the East Coast next year sometime. All depends on hubby’s work schedule.

  2. That is a really cute Japanese print you have used and I love the idea of a roll-up rather than a traditional pencil case – neat! I have never been to New York, but I imagine there will be oodles of things to see and do – it’s so cute that Hana is saving her pennies :). I am taking my Mum away to a little cottage for a week at the end of August, just us two (no boys aloud!). We are planning lots of girly things to do … ah, can’t wait! Natalie x

    • Oh that sounds great! Cottages are special and can be so cozy too. I hope you have a great time (I’m sure we’ll read about it, so I’ll be looking forward to that post!)

  3. It is so cute this pencil roll case …!
    it seems Hanna is very good at drawing as mum is at sewing…
    I have been in NY twice , both was raining ..and my son doesn’t like rain (although hi is living in .) we have been in Natural History Museum as well but in general speaking I don’t like ‘dead zoo’ …but I was enjoying NY…I would go right now !!
    I’m sure Hanna will be exciting to meet with big Tyrannosaurus Rex.

    • Thank you!
      It’s interesting to see people’s different views on zoos 🙂 I tend to avoid “live zoos” (unless I know they’re well looked after and animals are in good spacious areas, but still… I hate the sight of wild caged wild animals…) and would rather go for the “dead zoos”…you can learn an awful lot from them too 🙂

  4. Maureen Hayes

    I love this pencil case and would happily fill it with my Prismacolors! I am a New Yorker, in fact I just moved from NY to GA last month. If you would like suggestions of things to see or do, please feel free to contact me. I love NY and always enjoy sharing it with others.

  5. M’ha agradat molt l’estoig, ara la Hanna estarà pintant tot el dia oi? De Nova York no te’n puc dir res no hi he estat, ja m’agradaria ja. T’he deixat un premi al meu blog, tot i que ja no els necessites que lo teu són paraules majors.

  6. What a great idea. I particularly like the penguin fabric.

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