Linen, linen…


I won’t start with any excuse for not having showed up for a while, but yes, life gets in the way sometimes… plus summer holidays (for children only) have started and one excited little girl is jumping around the house wanting to do sooooo many things! Anyway, I’ll do what I can to keep you posted with what’s going on in my sewing room.

photo copy 2

I’m trying to keep up with a few orders, I’m not complaining at all about them, but I so wished I had more time in my hands (like many of you, I’d say…). I’ll reveal what I’ve been working on soon, but first I’ll show you a nice little project I finished a few weeks ago. I love working with linen and I was hoarding a charm pack from a Japanese Charm Swap and made this beautiful -super- practical basket inspired on Ayumi’s tutorial.

I love the cute prints from Japanese fabrics, don’t you think they’re great? I still have a few charms left and I think I’ll make some more projects. Maybe a pencil case for Hana, since she’ll be starting “big school” in September…

I mentioned linen earlier on, I love linen and the touch it gives to certain projects, it’s so neat. Do you ever work with linen? What projects have you done? I decided to get in touch with someone who actually specialises in working with this natural fabric and have her here as a guest so she can tell us more about it. We’ll host a giveaway too (yep, with linen involved, obviously), so pay attention over the next few days (tempted to say weeks here, but I’ll try to do my best) and you’ll find out more about linen, what to look for when you want to purchase good quality linen and about the different types of it.

I’ll be back soon!



No començaré amb cap excusa per no haver escrit durant tant de temps, però sí, de vegades la vida s’hi fica pel mig i he de parar de cosir :-D! A més, ja han començat les vacances d’estiu (per als nens només), i tinc una nena saltimbanqui que no para de voler fer coses (i quina excusa millor per poder fer coses amb ella!).

photo copy 3

Estic intentant avançar feina amb comandes que m’entren, i no em queixo pas per això, però com m’agradaria tenir més temps entre les mans! (i a qui no, oi?). Ja us ensenyaré el que estic fent quan estigui llest però ara, de moment, us ensenyo el que vaig fer fa unes setmanes. M’encanta el lli, i com que també tenia amagat un charm pack d’un intercanvi de teles japoneses que vaig fer fa temps, vaig decidir fer un cistell super pràctic inspirat amb el tutorial de l’Ayumi.

photo copy

M’encanten els dibuixets de les teles japoneses, i a vosaltres? Encara me’n queden uns quants retalls i segurament faré algunes coses més, potser un estoig per la Hana, que ja començarà a anar a l’escola dels grans aquest setembre…

He parlat del lli, i es que m’encanten els projectes que tenen lli, es veuen tant polits… Treballeu amb aquest material vosaltres? què us agrada fer? Per això he decidit convidar a una especialista del lli per a que ens parli una mica del que fa i sobretot ens doni consells per com saber si el que comprem és de bona qualitat. A més, sortejarem un premi (relacionat amb lli, és clar!), així que vigileu durant els propers dies (o setmanes, hauria de dir… però no, serà ben aviat) per saber-ne més el lli.

Fins aviat!




16 responses to “Linen, linen…

  1. Berry

    I love linen! I’m excited to hear from your guest, as well.

  2. Michele

    OMG… where did you find such sweet fabric? I love it and I do love linen too! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Your little basket looks so cute with the little handles on the side. I absolutely LOVE linen and I use it for lots of things – it makes a great base on which to do embroidery too! Those Japanese prints are so fresh and cheerful …… I’m looking forward to hearing from your guest 🙂 x

    • thanks! I think I’ll be making more, as they hep to have all those bibs and bobs tidied up on one place. I made one for my mum as she wanted a nice shallow fabric basket for the bread. Simply change the measurements and work away 🙂

  4. I love it. So pretty and modern.x

  5. Beautiful fabrics and the bag looks so well-made. I love working with good quality linen too. Japanese linen seems to have the most variety when it comes to prints, and the ones you have chosen are so cheerful. I’ve made cushions and even upholstered a chair with linen (yes, I know it’s not recommended for that use), but the fabric was too beautiful, it seemed a shame just to limit it to cushions, plus I’m happy with how it turned out.

    • These Japanese charm squares were not linen, they’re 100% cotton, but I have 2 FQ of printed linen and is beautiful, you are right! Im sure sure your chair looks fab, and hey, you can always replace the linen if it wears off! at least you’ll have enjoyed it 🙂

  6. Doncs estaré ben atenta per saber més coses sobre el lli ;).
    M’encanta el cistell, amb la combinació del lli i les robes amb dibuixets..moníssim! Miraré el tutorial…gràcies!!
    Fins aviat!!

  7. Hola Irina….les teves feines son molt “neat”..molt pulides…
    jo vull canviat de máquina de cosir..i m’atabala doncs no se per on començar… em pots aconsellar “la millor compra al millor pvp.”.o solsament una idea per on començar..quina marca ? a quin preu? la meva s’em queda molt pobre per els projectes de patch and quilt…sempre problemes amb els repunts…els vull com els teus !! jajaj
    Be quan tinguis temps !! et veig molt liada …

    Someone can advise me in a new sewing machine NO expensive and BEST quality…even second hand ?! Where..? maybe you don’t want yours , you wish better one and you want money for your old machine ?
    I worry..don’t know so much about it !

    • I think It is difficult to advise on one brand only. Everyone has their own favourite brand I’d say… It all depends on your budget and for what kind of projects you will use the machine. I’ll send you an email soon 🙂

  8. Hola Irina! M’ha fet molta gracia trobar un blog tan ben fet de patchwork en catala! Jo visc a California i tot just estic comencant amb el meu! Nomes volia dir-te que a partir d’ara tens una altre seguidora!

    • Hola Ingrid!
      Moltes gracies i benvinguda!
      Ja m’agradaria estar a California escrivint el meu blog! tot i que ara mateix no em puc queixar del bon temps que estem tenint 🙂

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