I have an overlocker! but a need a bit of help…

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I’d like to thank you all for your comments on my post about notions a few days ago. It is really helpful to hear about your experiences and tips. Also, I don’t know if you have noticed, but I tend to reply to comments on the same post, it’s easier for me and it all started because one day it didn’t work when I replied via email.  I used to get all those email back… So if you don’t get an email reply to your comments from me, don’t think I’m ignoring you, cause I don’t!

Now, I’m going to tell you about my new friend, an overlocker, yeepee!!!

A couple of days ago I had both my sewing machines serviced. One of them, my Brother (Innov-Is 350SE) , had to be fixed as the thread cutter was not retracting and was constantly catching the bobbin thread. For the last few weeks I had been using my “emergency” machine, the Janome (J3-18), which is great and I love it, even though I have to get used to it since I’m a bit spoiled with the Brother’s extra features.

I’m really lucky to know the best mechanic in the west of Ireland! He’ll come to your house and repair/service your machine. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere like me! (Mind you, he also lives in the middle of the other nowhere) He’s such a lovely man and so helpful. I happened to ask him about overlockers and told him that I’m on the look out for a second hand one, nothing fancy really, just enough to have nice finished hems… Well, he went out to get a tool from his van and he came back with it plus an old Baby Lock overlocker too. I was playing with it while he was working on the other two machines. He showed me how to use it, just the basics. I heard how frustrating it is to thread an overlocker but this one was not that bad (although I’ll see how I get on on my own…). I went online, while he kept working, to see if I could get a manual for it, as it didn’t come with one when he got it. From all the listed models in different sites, I couldn’t see one for this model.

It stitched nicely, smoothly and looked very sturdy. I liked it and I bought it for €70. He gave me 10 needles and it came with the 4 cones for bigger spools. I think it was a good price considering the price for new ones. I did a quick search while he was still there and found out it is advisable that if you get an old Baby Lock you: a. should seek for a Japanese make as opposed to Taiwanese or Korean (Bingo! mine is… ), b. that ideally you want it to use needle style DC x 1F (bingo again!) and c. you should stay away from models BL202, 302, 402. Well, I don’t know if it’s a Bingo, maybe it is because it didn’t mention mine which is BL4-543, but I don’t seem to find any more information about it on the internet!!!

I would like to ask you for a bit of help… if possible. I’ve been trying to find a manual for this model and it look like it is not listed in any of the sites where they sell old manuals. Maybe there is somebody reading this post, who happen to have an old Baby Lock BL4-543 or maybe have a friend, or a neighbour or an aunt or somebody who may have one… and maaaaaaybe also have a manual for it… I would appreciated it so much if I could have a copy, and if I had more information about the machine itself, how old it is, etc… My mechanic didn’t know it either…

I  found something that lead me towards a possible manual, but it ended up a bit frustrating. On one of my Google searches I came across this Newzealander  forum where one of the members happens to have a copy of the manual. I tried to register so I could contact her, but the registration form is pretty daunting. It kept asking me for security questions to prove you are human. And what was the question?

“what programe is on after the TV3 news during weekdays?”

Right. I’m in a New Zealand site, so I take it they mean TV3 channel from New Zealand. I Google their TV guide and find out that the program after the news during the week is “Home and Away”. Great! Type it in. Nope, not  great. Wrong answer. Oh, they must have “seen” my IP is Irish, so the question might be related to the Irish TV3 channel… ? Again, I Google the TV guide and the program  is “Xposé”. Nope, wrong again.

This is worse than Trivial Pursuit! All I’m looking for is a bloody manual for my overlocker!!!

but by the third attempt they changed the question: who is the leader of the opposition?

So… I chanced it and thought they meant in New Zealand and Wikipedia told me it’s David Shearer. At last! they accepted it, but I’m still waiting for the administrator to accept me. Then I’ll probably be able to contact the lady in question, although I’m not sure if she’ll answer since that last message 2 years old.

Then I found this site where they have a vast list of manuals for machines but unfortunately they don’t have one for my model. I emailed them and I’m also waiting for a response. Fingers crossed!

So this is my new adventure at the moment, I still haven’t got much time to play with it, between work and family there isn’t much time left, but oh, it looks so nice!I’m so happy I’ve waited until the right time made it fall into my hands. So, in the meantime, while I’m waiting for any response, I’d love to hear from any of you, maybe if you have some information about this Baby Lock…?

Thank you!


Gràcies pels comentaris en l’ultim post sobre eines de cosir. És bo saber sobre les vostres experiències i consells. A més, no sé si ho heu notat, que sempre responc als comentaris en el mateix post, és més fàcil per a mi i tot va començar perquè un dia no funcionava el respondre als comentaris via email. Així que si no rebeu un correu  de resposta als vostres comentaris no penseu que us ignoro perquè  no ho faig!
Ara, us parlare sobre una nova amiga, una maquina  overlock, yuhu!

El dimecres passat va venir el mecanic a arriglar una de les maquines de cosir i a mirar-se l’altra. A la Brother (Innov-ís 350SE), li va haver d ‘arreglar el tallador de fil automatic i a la Janome (J3-18),li va fer una repassada, posar greix i oli.  Mentres hi treballava, li vaig preguntar si venia overlock de segona ma. Doncs be, va sortir a buscar una eina de la seva furgoneta i va tornar amb l’eina i a més una  Overlocker Baby Lock! Vaig estar provant-la i de passada vaig intentar buscar informacio per internet, a veure si podia trobar un manual. Sembla que de tots els models que apareixen en diferents llocs, no vaig poder trobar un per aquest model.

Les puntades son perfectes, la tensio tambe, no vaig tenir cap  problema i es veia moltbona maquina. Em va agradar i la vaig comprar per 70 €. Crec que va ser un bon preu tenint en compte el preu d’altres overlocks noves. En una de les receques ràpides, vaig trobar que és recomanable que si tens una Baby Lock de les antigues: a. millor que sigui feta al Japo i no a Taiwan o Korea, (Bingo!la meva es japones …), b. l’ideal seria que utilitzi l’estil d’agulla DC x 1F (bingo de nou!) i c. que no vulguis saber res dels models BL202, 302, 402. Bé, no sé si és un Bingo, potser sí  perquè no esmenta pas el meu model que és BL4-543, però sembla qe tot i així costa trobar informació sobre ella.

Així que us vull demanar una mica d’ajuda … si és possible. Potser hi ha algú llegint aquest post, que per casualitat  té una Baby Lock BL4-543 o potser coneix alguna amiga, o un veina o una tieta, etc… que pot tenir-ne un … i poooootser fins i tot te el manual d’instruccions!

Vaig trobar una mica d’informacio que em portava cap a un possible manual, però va acabar una mica frustrant. En una de les cerques de Google em vaig trobar amb un fòrum de Nova Zelanda on un dels membres diu que te una maquina com aquesta amb el manual d’instruccions. Vaig mirar de registrar-me per poder contactar amb ella, però la forma de registre és bastant desconcertant. Em va demana la resposta a unes preguntes de seguretat per demostrar que soc humana i no una maquina. I quina era la pregunta?
“Quin programa s’emet despres de les notícies de TV3 durant la setmana?”

Val. Estic en un forum de Nova Zelanda, així que penso que es refereixen al canal TV3 de Nova Zelanda. Busco la guia de TV a Google i descobreixo que el programa és “Home and Away”. Que bé!Doncs no, no ho és. Resposta equivocada. Oh, penso… han d’haver “vist” el meu IP que és irlandès, així que es deu refereir al canal irlandès TV3 … ? aquest cop el programa és “Xpose”. Doncs no. Això és pitjor que el Trivial Pursuit! Nomes busco un manual  per la meva overlock!

Al tercer intent la pregunta es diferent: qui és el líder de l’oposició?
volen dir de Nova Zelanda? Wikipedia em va diu que és David Shearer. Per fi! ho van acceptar, però encara estic esperant que l’administrador m’accepti. A veure si em puc posar en contacte amb la dona en qüestió, encara que no estic segura de si respondrà perque aquell últim missatge te 2 anys.

Tambe he trobat aquest lloc on tenen una gran llista de manuals per a les màquines però per desgràcia no tenen una per el meu model. Els vaig enviar un correu electrònic i també estic esperant una resposta. Creuem els dits!
Així que aquesta és la meva nova aventura de moment, encara no he tingut temps per jugar amb la maquina, entre la feina i la família no queda gaire temps, però, oh, es veu tan maca! Esticcontenta d’haver esperat fins el moment en que ha aparegut aixi a les mans. Així que, mentres espero resposta d’aquests dos llocs, m’encantaria saber si alguna de vosaltres té  informació sobre aquest model de Baby Lock…. gracies!!!




10 responses to “I have an overlocker! but a need a bit of help…

  1. I went through that same kind of search once for an old sewing machine manual… I didn’t get the crazy questions like that though LOL… insane!

  2. Is an overlock machine the same thing as a serger?

  3. I’ve just done a quick search and when I clicked on one of the suggestions it came up with this: http://www.fixya.com/support/t4747479-i_just_bought_a_yamata_bl4_434d_overlock.

    There is an email address (it’s old but may still be in use?) from the person who replied, but, also, it calls the machine a Yamata. I don’t know if it will be of any help to you.

    Good luck with your search.

  4. mrcrafter

    I wish you luck in finding the manual for your machine.

  5. Jajaja, vaya manera de comprobar que no eres una máquina. ¿Tendrá muchos miembros ese foro? jejeje
    Buena suerte con la búsqueda

  6. hola! felicitats per la overlock, jo també tinc una baby lock!! jeje, però totalment diferent, però estic superencantada amb ella, la recubridora que també era d’aquesta marca no va sortir tant bé…
    espero que el trobis…
    suposo que ja deus haver mirat aquests oi? http://babylock.com/search/index.asp
    encara que no sigui la teva maquina potser amb alguna cosa et pot ajudar…

    • gracies Gloria! encara no se fer-la anar i necessito ajuda d’algu que ja sap com van… es senzilla pero com que mai no n’he tingut cap no m’aclaro…

  7. Michelle

    I may have the manual can you pm me please if you still need it? Send to we_smile@clear.net.nz

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