Liebster award


I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Mandy Munroe. Thank you Mandy!

There’s a few questions I need to answer and then I need to pass this award on to 11 other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. They will have to do the same if they accept this award. I find it difficult to choose only 11 though… These are the questions I have to answer to Mandy:

La Many Munroe ha nominat El Petit Taller amb el premi Liebster. He de nominar a 11 blocaires que tinguin menys de 200 seguidors i si accepten el premi hauran de contestar les preguntes que els hi fare mes avall.Aquestes son les preguntes que he de contestar a la Many:

Favourite city?/Ciutat preferida?

San Francisco

Blue or Green?/Blau o verd?


A quilt or a knitted/crocheted blanket?/ un quilt o una manta de punt?


Favourite flower?/flor preferida?


Saturday night or Sunday morning?/dissabte a la nit o diumenge al mati?

Either: Saturday night in bed, reading, before a GOOD STRAIGHT NIGHT sleep or Sunday morning still sleeping in bed after a GOOD STRAIGHT NIGHT sleep…

Dissabte a la nit al llit llegint un llibre abans de dormir TOTA la nit, o, diumenge al mati al llit dormint despres de dormir TOTA la nit. 

Chocolate –milk or dark?/Xocolata, negra o amb llet?


Left or Right handed?/dretana o esquerrana?

Right handed/dretana

Countryside or Beach?/Mar o muntanya?

Both, and it’s exactly where I live / els dos, i es  exactament on visc.

Rain or Sunshine?/Pluja o sol?

living in Ireland you can imagine… sunshine please!/vivint a Irlanda us ho podeu imaginer, sol si us plau!

Best Holiday?/Les millors vacances?

San Francisco and visiting friends in Santa Rosa, Fairfax and San Gregorio. San Francisco i visitant amics a Santa Rosa, Fairfax i San Gregorio.

Favourite  singer/band?/cantant o grup preferit?

Dire Straits

I’m nominating the following blogs/Nomino als seguents blogs:

Sewing Room Secrets

El Taller de Lino

Me and Elna

Nura Nanu



Emilee Knits

A Good Teacher Never Stops Learning


Mail from the Cheeky Monkey

and here are the questions the should answer if they accept the ward:

1. what person do you most admire?  /  quina persona admires mes?

2. what’s on your bedside table right now? / que hi ha a la teva tauleta de nit are mateix?

3. what’s your favorite cooking recipe? / quina es la teva receipt de cuina preferida?

4. Is there a sewing book you would recommend? / Hi ha algun llibre de costar que podries recomenar?

5. What’s your favorite journey? / Quin es el teu trajecte preterit?

You are supposed to pass this award to 11 more bloggers who have less than 200 followers by writing a post, answering these questions and listing the blogs you’ve chosen. Write a list of questions for them to answer and ask them to pass the award on. This will help to spread the word about these lovely blogs!

Se suposa que si accepteu el premi, heu d’escriure un post contstant aquestes preguntes, i passar el premi a 11 blogs mes, llistant els blogs a qui doneu el premi (han de tenir menys de 200 seguidors) i escriure unes preguntes per a que responguin. Aixi ajudareu a que blogs tan bonics com aquests siguin mes coneguts!



09/04/2013 · 7:28 am

11 responses to “Liebster award

  1. Marga

    Oh my god .. it is the first time I am nominated for something ..
    now it sounds me like a Oscar
    It is so exciting …I guess I should answer the questions..but where ..?
    Must I leave answer here , 11 answers and then
    I have to nominate and ask 11 at same time on my blog ?
    Thanks a lot Irina..but tell me please but should I do
    ..Leave here my answers ? LOL to be a beginner it is a
    challenger !!

    Cheers , I wait for your advice .

  2. Screaming, running around the living room, jumping up and down ( oops don’t hit the ceiling!!!) JOY! 🙂
    Wow Irina! Thank you very much for this nomination!!! I really have to think on my questions, answers and find new blogs to nominate! Crunch the brain!

  3. Congratulations you deserve it!

  4. Sorry… I completely forgot to congratulate you too with YOUR nomination!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  5. Moltes felicitats pel Premi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ha ha! don’t worry! and thanks!

  7. Irina, moltes felicitats pel teu premi i mil gràcies per pensar que jo també en puc ser mereixedora!!! Quina gràcia!
    You made my day!

  8. Congratulations Irina on being recognised for your amazing blog and thank you so much for nominating Sewing Room Secrets! I shall get to work on my questions – ooh, this is going to be fun!

    Natalie x

  9. Felicidades y gracias por nominarme, este finde preparo la entrada. Un besin.

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  11. M’ha costat però… per fi! aquí està el post d’agraïment! 🙂

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