My sweet beautiful Hana.

She’s 4 today yesterday (when I was writing this post it was the 26th of March, Hana’s birthday… but when I finished and hit the publish button it was already past midnight… just realised that!!! 😉









I caught her, not long ago, laying on my bed pretending to read a book. ‘I’m reading a story’, she says. ‘I see…’  says I. To Kill a Mockingbird. She asked me was it a nice story. I said it was, that it was probably one of my favorite ones and maybe it will be one of hers too, or so I hoped… She asked me to read it. ‘But there aren’t any pictures here, Hana. It’s all “abc’s”. ‘But I want you to read it, just a little bit…’



I thought that was funny, and I knew she was tired, so I thought it was a good way to make her go to sleep quickly (SO I COULD DO A BIT MORE SEWING!!!). Ok so, and convinced that she would asked me to read another story after the first sentence, I started.


‘When he was nearly thirteen, my brother Jem got his arm badly broken…’

And a loooooooong list of questions started. ‘Why Jem got his arm badly broken?’, “did it fall off?’ ‘who’s Jem?’ ‘ how he did it?’…

I explained (being used to so many interruptions at every second word).

‘Oh’, she says.


After the first page I asked her should I stop and to my surprise she said no! I kept on reading, until Boo Radley appeared. More questions. ‘Is he spooky?’ (she loves spooky things). ‘Do people get scared in his house?’. I explained again about who Boo was. Then another ‘oh’.


I read three pages, and then we decided to go to bed and to leave the rest of the story for another day.


This happened about 2 months ago. I thought it was pretty amazing that she was actually listening and just getting what she wanted to get. She was pretty concerned about Jem’s arm and kept asking me about the story for days, and then of course that lead to other questions about anatomy and the human body, bla bla. I find this so amusing, I love when she asks me all these questions! and boy does she ask…


I told her dad about this and his eyes lit up. Jaysus! Maybe I can start reading The Hobbit to her!!!

Oh dear.


So here’s my baby Hana, who doesn’t let me call her baby anymore. The big sister who loves her brother to bits and calls him the best baby in the whole world. She’s the one who asks me do I want to play with her and I say ‘yes!’, and then she says, ‘ok, pretend you are my mum, ok?’, the one who asks me ‘why are the hot days not happening?’ and the one who can’t wait for spring to come because she really really wants a pet ladybird but don’t worry mummy she’ll stay outside…







25 responses to “4

  1. Too gorgeous, thanks for sharing. Happy birthday Hana.

  2. What a beautiful child. With beautiful eyes. If eyes really are the window to the soul, then she has a beautiful soul as well. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my all time favorite books!

  3. Sue

    How sweet, what a lovely bright little girl! One day she’ll read what you’ve written about her, and really understand how precious it all is.

  4. Bipa

    Que guapa està la Hana!! i que bonics que son els 4 anys !!!! m’encanta com t’ha quedat la corona!

  5. Happy Birthday to Hana! She really is adorable 🙂

  6. Felicitats Hana!

  7. Està preciosa la Hanna! I la corona és genial!
    Aix, quan tenen un germà petit encara ens creixen més ràpid oi?

  8. Happy Birthday! I watched the Hobbit movie today, I enjoyed the book so much more! Daddy should start reading it! Thank you for the wonderful tell, I enjoyed it too! Have a wonderful party!!

    • Oh! I can’t wait to see the movie! the last time I went to the cinema it was about a year ago… We did actually tell her about hobbits and she liked it. We read so much every night, about everything. At one stage I even had to read the very first page in a book! with publishing dates and ISBN numbers! can you believe it?

  9. That is quite possibly one of my favourite blog posts ever… Enjoy being four Hana!

  10. Adorable post! Happy birthday to Hanna and congratulations on being a beautiful mum.

  11. Cute post! Happy birthday Hana!.

  12. marianagalvagno

    Hola! Preciosa tu nena! Esa edad de pura curiosidad e inocencia me encantan!!! Y resulta que Hana y mi bombonazo Gabriel cumplen anyos el mismo dia! Ja! Encontre tu blog por un tutorial de burp cloths que publicaste en otro blog tiempo atras. Te sigo desde ahora, me encanta el tuyo. Besets desde Valencia.

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