A Patchwork Finish, Embroidery Progress and an Offer…

Wow! Lots to talk about today!

Pol’s quilt is finished and has been sent away in its own little bag. I used some charms from School Days mixed with some other squares of Kona yellow and green. I had a backing in mind for it, but when the top was finished I didn’t quite like the combination so I run to the local fabric shop and found this argyle from Tanya Whelan.



El quilt del Pol ja ha volat cap a Catalunya! La tela es d’un charm pack de School Days i el darrere es de la Tanya Whelan. Vaig anar a la botiga de teles volant perque la tela que habia triat en un principi no em va agradar un cop el davant estava acabat.




Would you like to see my embroidery progress…?

Voleu veure les noves puntades que he afegit al mostrari…?


I added a few more stitches to my sampler hoop and I’m so happy I finally know how to make French knots!!! So many times I had tried by reading instructions and ended up with nothing… but now I know you have to hold the thread with your other hand while you pull the needle out.

Per fi ja se com es fan els nusos francesos! Mai no me’n sortia i amb aquestes instruccions tan clares ja els se fer.


Now, you remember I tod you I used to cross stitch? I was doing some spring cleaning and I found out a pile of Jeremiah Junction Cross Country Stitching patterns that I know I won’t use anymore. I have 29 of them and you can see some of them here below:

Recordeu quan vaig dir que fa temps feia punt de creu? he estat fent neteja i he trobat una pila de patrons de Jeremiah Junction Cros Country Stitching. No els fare servir mes. En tinc 29 i aqui en podeu veure una mostra:IMG_6199




I will gladly send them to any of you who would like to use them.

I will make 3 sets, two of 10 patterns and one of 9, or depending on the demand, 4 or 5 sets. I’ll take photos of every single one of them so you can see and choose. Just leave a comment here if you are interested. It will be on a first come first serve basis.

Si algu hi esta interessat, els hi enviare. Fare dues piles de 10 i una de 9, pero si hi ha mes demanda, faria piles mes petites. Nomes cal que deixeu un comentari dient-me si els voleu i ja em posare en contacte amb vosaltres. Fare fotos de cada un dels que tinc per aixi poder triar. El primer que escrigui triara primer.


Wow! ok so, 5 7 it is! Sorry for those who haven’t got here earlier! It would be quite a bit on postage if I made smaller sets, I hope you understand… I’m going to contact those I have selected and let you know what’s available. 




15 responses to “A Patchwork Finish, Embroidery Progress and an Offer…

  1. Deborah

    Wow – this is so generous. I wouldn’t use these myself but one of my friends would love them if they are still available. Thank you!

  2. What a kind offer. I would be really pleased to be considered for some of them. Thank you for the opportunity to fling my hat in the ring!

  3. Vicki H

    I would love any of the bird houses to make for my sister who feeds many many birds in their yard year-round.

  4. mrcrafter

    Wow! that is a very nice offer, yes I would love to have a set it would be something new for me to do. I love learning new things I have done a few small cross stitch bears and a couple that were for friends.

  5. Your stitching looks wonderful, Irina, and I love the little label on your sweet quilt.

  6. Usha

    Thanks a million for the offer…bless your kind heart. I would love to have any one of the patterns…all of them are gorgeous.

  7. dawnhollingsworth

    What a beautiful quilt and bag! And, what a generous offer! 🙂 If the patterns are still available, I, too, would love one. Thank you 🙂

  8. vicki seals

    Yes please! I would like to try cross stitch. Thanks for the offer. vickise at gmail dot com

  9. Hola Irina!
    M’encanta la petita vànova que has fet és supermona. Feia temps que no em passava per aquí però amb el naixement de la baldufa he anat i vaig de bòlid. Espero mantenir el contacte.
    Petons per a tu i la family 🙂

    • Moltissimes gracies Elena, quina alegria tornar-te a llegir per aqui. Espero que tant tu com la petita estigueu be i la pugui coneixer quan vinguem a Barcelona!

  10. Hi Irina

    I LOVE the bag with the label on it to hold the finished quilt! What a lovely idea! And your embroidery is coming along great. French knot is one of my favourite stitches – there is so much you can do with it.

    Pol’s wee quilt is beautiful – I wish I could meander quilt like that. I have tried, but can’t get my stitches to be even. Think I need a little more practise! Natalie x

    • Thank you Natalie, I also find that the French knot is one of my fans so far. As you say, practise all you need for steeple quilting (I still think I should improve it!)

  11. Mara

    I too like how you packaged your finished quilt in it’s own bag, what a great idea.

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