The Wrapped Up Zipper Bag (or Origami Pouch…): Tutorial


I just realised there already was a zipper pouch (one of maaaaaany) that used the name Origami, you’ll find it in Amy Butler’s book Styles Stitches. I wasn’t aware of that so I think I should find a nother name for this zipper bag… It reminds me of a wrapped up present, so Ithink I’ll call it the Wrapped Up Zipper Bag, even though it involves some Origami folding!

If you like Origami and are good at it then you won’t have any problem with this… If you are not good at folding, don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to do it!

Si us agrada l’Origami i domineu la tecnica no tindreu pas problema per fer un estoig com aquest… Pero si no teniu gaire practica, no us preocupeu que ja us ensenyo com es fa!


You can choose whatever size you want, just make sure that your zipper is 2″ longer on either side to make your life easier.

Podeu fer-la de la mida que volgueu, nomes heu de tenir en compte de fer servir una cremallera que sigui 5cm mes llarga a cada extrem per no complicar-vos la vida.


For the flowery type box:

15″x10″rectangles of outer fabric and lining fabric

100% cotton wadding for quilting the 2 layers

5″x4″ rectangle of outer fabric

2 rectangles of 3″x4″ of outer fabric or any contrasting fabric with the lining

14″ zipper

Per un estoig com el de les flors:

rectangle 25cm x 35cm de de tela exterior

rectangle  25cm x 35cm de tela interior

guata de 100%coto per encoixinar els dos rectangles anteriors

rectangle de 12cm x 10cm

2 rectangles de 7.5cm x 10cm de tela exterior o que contrasti amb la interior

cremallera de 35cm


For the linen type pouch:

11″x10.5″ rectangle of exterior fabric (you can see I used a patchwork panel)

11″x10.5″ rectangle of interior fabric

fusible fleece to quilt both rectangles

5″x4″ rectangle of outer fabric

2 rectangles of 2.5″x4″ of outer fabric or any contrasting fabric with the lining

Per un estoig com el de lli :

rectangle 25cm x 35cm de de tela exterior

rectangle  25cm x 35cm de tela interior

Entretela tipus forro polar per encoixinar els dos rectangles anteriors

rectangle de 12cm x 10cm

2 rectangles de 6cm x 10cm de tela exterior o que contrasti amb la interior

cremallera de 35cm

The process will be the same in any size, I’ve used photos from both pouches for the tutorial.

El proces es el mateix per a qualsevol mida, veureu que hi ha fotos dels dos estoigs en aquest tutorial


1. Sew one side of the zipper on to the 10″ side of the rectangle, FACING DOWN at 1/8″ from the edge.

1. Cosiu un costat de la cremallera CARA AVALL a 0.5mm del costat de 25cm del rectangle. 


2. Trim the excess fabric with shears.

2. Talleu l’exces de tela amb unes tisores zigzag.


3. Press onto the right side and topstitch.

3. Planxeu a la banda del dret i cosiu un repunt.


4. Mark the zipper with a pen at the point where both edges end.

4. Marqueu la cremallera amb boligraf alla on la tela acaba.


5. Sew the other side of the zipper by folding the rectangle over (zipper FACING DOWN onto RIGHT SIDE of fabric).

5. Cosiu l’altre costat de la cremallera, doblegant el rectangle de manera que la cremallera mira cap AVALL sobre la tela del DRET). 


6. Cut the excess fabric again and this time you will need to fully open the zipper to press and topstitch.

6. Talleu l’exces de tela i aquest cop haure d’obrir la cremallera per a poder planxar i fer el repunt.



7. Stich the bottom edge of the zipper

7. Feu unes puntades a la part d’abaix de la cremallera.

IMG_59728. Take the small rectangle and press in half, then press both edges inwards towards the centre crease.

8. Agafeu el rectanlge petit i planxeu-lo per la meitat, torneu a planxar els extrems cap al doblec del centre.


IMG_59749. Sew both edges and sew a tag if you use one.

9. Cosiu els costats i cosiu-hi la vostra etiqueta si voleu.

IMG_597510. Right, now for the Origami session… Turn the pouch inside out and fold it flat with the zipper at the centre.

10. Be, ara comencem amb l’Origami… Gireu l’estoig del reves i el xafeu de manera que la cremallera quedi al centre.


11. Use a pin to mark the centre

11. Col.loqueu una agulla per marcar el centre


12. Tuck in the edge towards the centre where the pin is. Excuse all the frayed threads!!!

12. Col.loqueu el doblec exterior cap endins cap a l’agulla. Perdoneu per els fils desfilats!


13. Do the same on the other side and repeat these last steps for the other edge of the pouch.

13. Feu el mateix amb l’altre costat i repetiu els dos ultims punts amb l’altre extrem de l’estoig.


15. Place the tag strip into one edge.

15. Col.loqueu la tira de l’etiqueta dins d’un extrem.


16. OPEN THE ZIPPER before you sew both edges.

16. OBRIU LA CREMALLERA abans de cosir cada extrem.

IMG_598617. Trim the excess fabric and the zipper.

17. Talleu l’exces de tela i de cremallera.


18. With the 2 small rectangles left, make a binding for each seam by following the instructions in step 8.

18. Amb els dos rectangles petits que us queden feu una veta per cobrir les costures dels extrems seguint les instruccions del punt 8.



20. Turn de pouch and you’re done! I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial. I’d love to see your pouch if you make one so feel free to come back and share your link in a comment below. Thank you!

20. Gireu l’estoig del dret i ja el teniu fet! Espero que us hagi agradat. Magradaria veure el vostre estoig si en feu un, podeu compartir l’enllaç en un comentari per a que tots el veiem. Gracies!









18 responses to “The Wrapped Up Zipper Bag (or Origami Pouch…): Tutorial

  1. Margarita

    Hei Irina….no tinc temps de mirar-m’ho tot ara .però tornaré…et felicito !!
    What nice and very ,very good photos…it’s a work from a profesional…

    jo intento aprendre al youtube “free quilt motion”..(es diu així ?)
    em sembla la cosa mes acurada que hiha ..que difícil!!!
    las bosetes som molt xules

    • Moltes gracies Margarita! El FMQ (free motion quilting) necessita molta practica, i va molt be fer dibuixos sobre un paper per entrenar el cervell!

      • Margarita

        Ja veig que he fet tard….tinc el “cervell” a masses coses…jejejejej
        Ens veiem per Etsy…Bon cap de setmana!
        Ah..per cert, vaig comprar algunes robetes a “fet a mà “BCN , no vaig comprar jelly roll m’ho he tallat jo….una bogeria !! pero només em falta acabar boata…ja vorem que sortirà…uff!!

  2. Great tutorial! I’d like to try making one of these boxy pouches. Thank you, Irina, for these really easy to follow instructions:)
    Natalie x

  3. Very very nice pouch. I could use several of them for travel. Thanks for the tute. I’ll add that to my “to do” list!

  4. Awsome! Thanks for the tutorial!

  5. visiting from a stitch in time March link up. This is so good. Your tutorial is really easy to follow – thanks so much. Love it.

  6. What a cute little bag! I love your fabrics! Thank you for the tutorial! And thank you for linking up!

    xo -E

  7. Thank you for linking up in March to Richard and Tanya Quilts on our Link a Finish Friday. We will have a new linkup available every Friday. So stop by and share what you have been working on and check out what others are doing.

  8. Que bé aquest tutorial. Gràcies per avisar-me. Provaré de fer-ne un així🙂

  9. Fun tutorial, I made the Wrapped up Zipper Pouch over the weekend and posted pics on my blog today:-)

  10. Debbie

    Love the bright colored pouch! I can’t wait to make one. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  11. I made one. Thank you so much. It is for my quilt guild Valentines gift exchange. Loved the clear photos, Made the whole thing fast and easy.

    Be well,

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