Hana’s A-line dress

Hana’s dress is finally finished! It’s been for a while but it was so hard to take photos, especially when she was wearing it. The lighting is really bad as it’s been raining a lot and when I’m free it is too late in the evening to take good shots… Anyway, here’s how it looks, much better in real life though.

It’s a simple A-line dress and I followed the pattern from this book. I do not recommend this book though, it is not clear and there are many gaps in the instructions which would make a beginner to go bananas! An A-line dress is one of the easiest projects for beginners, yet this book makes it a bit more complicated unnecessarily, I should have followed my guts and experience while I was making it and I would have saved some headaches…







25/01/2013 · 12:03 pm

4 responses to “Hana’s A-line dress

  1. Oh, it’s darling…and so is sweet Hana!

  2. What a beautiful little girl! I love the fabric you used for the dress, the colours are so pretty. Is it an Amy Butler fabric?

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