My 2013 NewFO Challenge wish to-do list – llista de projectes pel 2013


I missed this last year and I don’t want to miss it again!

 I think it will help me to keep track of all the things I’d like to make in the New Year.

I’m not going to list all of them right now as some are projects that I’ve seen in books, but just a few important ones…

1. Conor has no quilt yet, so I’d like to use a big pile of rainbow charm packs that I’m hoarding and make A Rainbow Star Quilt inspired by this tutorial.

2. I had bought a few Amy Butler patterns before I got pregnant and had to leave them aside as it would have been silly to take measurements then… So I’d love to make:

a. The Liverpool shirt

b. This top

c.The Anna Tunic 

3. The Red and White Triangle Quilt that I have on my mind… (sorry no photo/link here…)

These are the main things I’d like to work on and I’m sure the list will get longer and longer as the year goes by… if you want to see more quilters’ wish to-do lists, go here!



L’any passat m’ho vaig perdre i ara no ho vull tornar a fer!

Aquest es un llistat dels projectes que m’agradaria fer al llarg del 2013,

no ho he posat tot perque no acabaria mai! pero son les coses

que mes m’agradaria tenir fetes:

1. En Conor encara no the cap quilt i m’agradaria few un quilt amb una pila de charm packs que estic guardant inspirat en aquest tutorial.

2. Abans de quedar-me embarassada vaig comprar uns quants patrons de l’Amy Butler, pero no em va donar temps de fer res i he hagut d’esperar uns quants mesos llargs, ara ja puc fer:

a. The Liverpool shirt

b. This top

c.The Anna Tunic 

3. Tambe tinc un quilt en ment, amb triangles vermells i blancs…

Segurament anire afegint mes coses. Si voleu veure altres llistes per inspirar-vos cliqueu aqui!



22/12/2012 · 10:38 am

3 responses to “My 2013 NewFO Challenge wish to-do list – llista de projectes pel 2013

  1. Wonderful projects, Irina. I made that rainbow star as part of a block bee this year. It’s very pretty. I’m so glad you’ve joined us!

  2. eileenkny

    Thank you for the link to Barbara’s blog. I may just take her up on this challenge. I have to do something to get stuff done.

  3. I love the Liverpool top 🙂

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