Blog Hop Party Winner

Hello! First of all, I  apologise for posting this entry so late! We’ve had one of those moments were everything comes at the same time, with Little Button waking up several times during the night (as usual…) and Hana joined the party with vomits and other fluids which need no more specification,  and well… you can imagine the rest…

Also, I’d like to express my sincere condolences to the families of the victims of the horrible shooting in Connecticut. Just after watching the faces of those beautiful children now on the news…. it’s any parent’s nightmare to loose your child, and as a mum, I feel so sad and deeply touched when I hear news like this. I just can’t imagine to start the day as normal, leaving your children at school to never see them alive again. No words.

Hola! Primer de tot disculpeu el retard d’aquest post. Hem tingut un d’aquells moment en que tot et ve alhora. El Botonet que es desperta mil vegades a la nit i aquest cop la Didaleta s’ha afegit a la festa amb vomits i altres fluids que no cal especificar… ja us ho imagineu….

Tambe vull expressar el meu condol als familiars de les victimes de l’horrible esdeveniment a Conneticut. Quan sento noticies d’aquesta mena on la majoria de victimes son nens m’esgarrifo. Es el malson de qualsevol pare/mare, perdre un fill. No m’imagino el que deu ser llevar-te al mati com sempre i portar els teus fills a l’escola per no veure’ls mai mes vius. Sense paraules.


Thank you all for taking part in this giveaway, for deciding to follow this blog and “like” my Facebook page. It’s been fun to read all your guesses, they actually brought lots of ideas. I did make a table runner (still filed under UFO at them moment) and was thinking of placemats or pot holders but at the end I made this:

Gracies a tots els participants d’aquest sorteig, per decidir seguir el blog i clicar al m’agrada de la pagina de FB. ha sigut divertit llegir els comentaris que han aportat tambe idees. Vaig fer un corredor de taula, encara per acabar (com sempre) i pensava fer agafadors de cuina o estovalles individuals, pero al final he fet aixo:


I zipper pouch, big enough to hold some nice scraps (notice I added the cream coloured one???)

Una estoig amb cremallera suficientment gran per posar tots aquells retalls, i n’he afegit un altre…


and a small needle case… I added 3 tiny sleeves to keep something tiny (don’t ask me what… I thought is was cute to have tiny sleeves, embellished with those cute leafy buttons)

I un estoig per portar les agulles de cosir, amb unes butxaquetes petites petites, que ja em direu que hi cap alli, pero que em va fer gracia fer-les per posar els botonets de les fulletes.


*Update*- I wanted to say that I’m sorry I had to delete a few comments that were written a day after the closing date-

So who is the lucky winner?

I qui es la guanyadora?

I finally got a way to have the Random Number Generator thingy up. So the winner is…

Captura de pantalla 2012-12-17 a les 11.33.25

who said…

Captura de pantalla 2012-12-17 a les 11.35.22

Congratulations Laura B!

Felicitats Laura B!

I’ll be having more giveaways in the new year, keep an eye…!

Preparare mes sortejos durant el nou any, estigueu a la guait…!




4 responses to “Blog Hop Party Winner

  1. catskillquilter

    Absolutely adorable! Happy holidays!

  2. Maria do Carmo

    Parabéns a Laura B.E para você tenha um Feliz Natal!! e um ano Novo de sucessos.

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