I can’t even remember when was my last entry for the Foto Finish at Cat Patches… I really like this idea of showing a themed photograph and for a while I tried to keep it up, but then lives gets in the way…

Ja no recordo quina era la meva ultima foto per al Foto Finish de Cat Patches… m’agradava participar cada setmana amb una foto sobre el tema que tocava, pero la falta de temps ja va interrompre la marxa. 

“Yellow” is the theme for this week and I thought of this photo I took of this field of sunflowers in Catalonia. How I’d love to be there right now… in the heat.

“Groc” es el tema per aquesta setmana i recordo que vaig fer aquesta foto d’un camp de girasols anant en cotxe per Girona. Com m’encantaria estar alla ara mateix… amb la caloreta. 

Click here to se more yellow things… cliqueu aqui per veure mes coses grogues…



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4 responses to “FOTO FINISH

  1. That is a beautiful image, Irina. I imagine your little ones are keeping you pretty busy.

  2. Thanks! they are indeed… the only time I have for myself is from 9.30pm until I go to bed (sometimes I go to bed at 9.31pm…)

  3. Maquíssima Irina!!

  4. ¿Por donde andas Irina?Un beso.

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