Goodie Swap 2011

I finally finished the goodies for both my partners in the Goodie Swap 2011 that Cindy organized. Each participant will get 1 mug rug and 1 goodie from each of her 2 partners. I just finished the goodie for my second partner and now they’ll have to wait for their post to arrive.

Ja he acabat els regals per l’intercanvi que la Cindy va organitzar, Goodie Swap 2011. Cada participant ha de fer un mini-individual i un altra coseta a dues altre participants. Ja he acabat la “coseta” per la segona companya i ara les dues hauran d’esperar a rebre’ls.
individual per la companya 1
mug rug for partner 1

moneder per la companya 1, seguint el tutorial de Noodlehead
Gathered clutch from Noodlehead tutorial
individual per la companya 2
mug rug for partner 2

cistelleta per la companya 2
basket for partner 2
Espero que tot els agradi…
I hope they like them…



7 responses to “Goodie Swap 2011

  1. Ooh, they are lovely!!

  2. I really, really like what you made for your partners. They'll be so happy!

  3. Your mug rugs and goodies are lovely …perhaps one of them is coming my way?? Thanks for joining in the giveaweay!

  4. They will love it!Quines coses tan boniques que fas.

  5. I love your projects….and I also came by to tell you that you won a card of ladybug buttons over at buttonmad….I just need your address to give to them….whohooo

  6. Do you have a tutorial for the basket you made?Thanks.

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