handmade book – llibre fet a ma

He apres que cada grup de paper doblegat es diu “signatura”. El meu llibre te 12 signatures.
I learnt that each group of 4 folded sheets of paper is called a “signature”, 
so my book has 12 signatures.

Cinta de lli encerada
Waxed linen thread

I chose this ribbon after choosing the paper for the covers. Turquoise and brown, perfect!
Vaig escollir la cinta despres d’escollir el paper per les cobertes. Turquesa i marro, perfecte!

sorry it was night time and had no natural light!
era de nit i no tenia llum natural!
After the ribbon was stuck to the first page on either side, I made the covers.
Despres d’enganxar la cinta a la primera pagina de cada costat, vaig fer les cobertes.

A piece of triangular paper for the corners makes a nice finish.
Un troc, de paper triangular per les cantonades fa un bon acabat.

Anice touch: a page of very thin paper before start writing away…
Un bon detall afegit: una pagina de paper molt fi abans d’escriure…
And here’s my book!
I aqui teniu el meu llibre!
thank you Una!


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8 responses to “handmade book – llibre fet a ma

  1. I love it. I wish I could get to that market – need a Friday off of work 🙂

  2. Hi, I just spotted your name on ZuhauseinGermany and couldn’t just miss a fellow blogger sharing my name, so I decided to pop round and have a look. You’ve got a very nice blog and I will definitely have a good look around. Also I am your newest follower.Good luck with the market! Irina

  3. M'agrada molt! I on es compra aquesta cinta de què parles?

  4. That's an amazingly beautiful book! I'd really like to try myself, maybe sometimes during those long dark winterdays.

  5. Thank you Sewandthecity!Elisenda, parles de la cinta de lli encerada o l'altra? la de lli es pot trobar a les botigues de manualitats, pero millor per internet. L'altra a les merceries.;-)

  6. Hi Irina, you asked if you could make some of the fabric boats for the Christmas fair and that is fine by me ( send me a link when you have made some, would love to see them). I don't know how experienced you are with craft fairs but I have posted a little beginners guide on my blog (it might give you a few helpful ideas for the preparation). Happy sewing!

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