Un altre encarrec – another commissioned quilt

Despres del quilt de les fades que em van encarregar aquest es el segon que faltava. Es per un nado i em van demanar que fos blanc i blau i molt tradicional.
After the fairy quilt that I made recently, this is the second quilt that was commissioned. It’ for a baby boy and they wanted it very traditional and using only whites and blues.

51 1/2″ x 38
Aquest cop vaig fer l’encoixinat seguint les linees rectes dels quadrats
I quilted straight lines along the squares this time.

Cada un te la seva propia bossa, amb una etiqueta de El Petit Taller sobre un troc, de tela del quilt.
They both come in its own cotton bag, with my label sewn onto a piece of fabric from the quilt.



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2 responses to “Un altre encarrec – another commissioned quilt

  1. Nice! The quilt is adorable – perfect for a little boy. I really like the idea of little bags for them too. What a great way to store them, take them traveling, etc. That's really a great idea.

  2. És una preciositat!!!!!!!

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