Things I like – Coses que m’agraden

M’han portat unes quantes cosetes dels EEUU… coses que m’agraden.
Coses que puc beure, coses que puc menjar, coses que puc llegir i coses amb les quals puc cosir i fer manualitats!

They brought me a few things from the USA. Things that I like.
Things that I can drink, things that I can eat, things that I can read and things with which I can sew, knit and make crafts!

Aqui van les primeres, ja anire mostrant-ne mes:
Here are some of them, I’ll show the rest another time:

Boles chineses de te premsades (jessami, lotus…)
Chinese pressed tea balls (jasmine, lottus…)
I aixo es una de les millors. M’ENCANTEN aquestes galetes. Sempre demano als amics que hi van que me’n portin un paquet. Aqui nomes puc trobar les cookies amb trocets de chocolata (pero no pas aquestes)
And this is something I LOVE! Pepperidge Farm double chocolate Milano. I always ask people to bring me some (I can only fins Pepperidge Farm double chip chocolate cookies here… but not these ones)
this was actually the very last one, and guess who stole it?
aquesta galeta era literalment la ultima que quedava, i qui me la va prendre?
aquesta neneta
this little one
who didn’t have enough with her “lollop”
que no tenia prou amb el seu “lollop”

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