Burp Cloths as Gifts – Tovalloletes per a Nadons com a Regals

 I made some burp cloths for a friend of mine’s twins. I normally used those big muslin ones (and they were great) but I always thought that it would be good to have something smaller and more practical.
These are simple and quick to make and they look really nice. I used terrycloth on one side and Alexander Henry’s Goo Goo on the other side.

Vaig fer unes quantes “tovalloletes-per-glopades” (traduccio literal de l’angles! ha!) per als bessons
d’una amiga. Jo havia fet servir les grans de lli (que anaven be) pero sempre vaig pensar que alguna cosa mes petita seria tambe molt practica. Son molt facils i rapides de fer i queden molt maques. He fet servir tela de tovallola per una banda i tela de coto d’Alexander Henry (Goo Goo) a l’altra.

Ja he rebut la roba per un projecte que m’han demanat…!

This is the fabric that I ordered for a project that they’ve commissioned me, just arrived!


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