I’d like to show you the card that I received and the card that I made from the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap III:
Us vull ensenyar la postal que vaig rebre i la que vaig fer per al Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap:

Here’s the card I received from Heather at HKPowerstudio in the USA.  It is a printed heart on fabric and there are tiny beads stitched all over. It looks amazing and she will soon reveal how to make those stitches, so keep an eye on her blog if you want to know how to do it!

Aquesta es la postal que vaig rebre de la Heather de HKPowerstudio als EEUU. Es la foto d’un cor impres sobre roba i ha cosit tot de boletes a sobre. No se quina tecnica ha utilitzat pero aviat revelara el secret al seu blog, si voleu aprendre com es fa aneu a donar un cop d’ull!
The card I made is this one and it went to Susan from SVM-travels, in the USA as well. I decided to make something a bit different, so it is a three sided heart that you can hang up like a mobile.  I will show you how to do it too. She seems pleased with it, so I’m happy! Susan is a great knitter, you should have a look around her blog and see the nice stuff she makes, among other cool things too.

La postal que jo vaig fer es aquesta i aviat tambe us ensenyare com es fa. Va viatjar cap al EEUU, a casa de la Susan de SVM-travels. Vaig fer un cor de tres cares que es pot penjar com un mobil. Sembla que li va agradar, aixi que estic contenta! 
La Susan te molta trac,a fent mitja i haurieu de veure tot el que fa, visiteu el seu blog i tobareu moltes coses!


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