No tinc gens d’experiencia amb la maquina de cosir i vaig pensar que per agafar practica estaria be comenc,ar a fer coses facils. Aquesta faldilla tan maca,  La Faldilla de Mercat, creada per la Dana, em va cridar l’atencio. Les instruccions de la tutorial son tan clares, amb fotos tan ben fetes, que vaig pensar que estaria be provar de fer-la.
Al voler fer-la mes petita, les mides son diferents i crec que no ho he acabat d’encertar del tot! tot i aixi he apres molt i crec que en fare una altra, aquest cop seguint les seves mides i potser les butxaques que no m’he atrevit a fer.
Un cop acabada, sense butxaques, veia que li faltava alguna cosa i vaig pensar en aquestes floretes…
I don’t have any experience with my sewing machine at all, so I decided to start making easy things to get practice. I found this tutorial for this skirt, The Market Skirt, by Dana. I think it’s so beautiful! Her instructions are so clear and with very detailed photos that I decided to give it a go.
I wanted to make it smaller, so I had to figure out the size myself. I don’t think I succeeded! but I did learnt a lot and I would like to make a new one following the original pattern size. I’ll even try to do the pockets this time!
Once made, I thought is was a bit bare (and I didn’t dare trying tiny pockets) so I came up with these felt flowers…



2 responses to “THE MARKET SKIRT

  1. Tres Mignonne! The flowers are a cute addition!Thank you for sharing with me.I'd love if you added your picture to our flickr group. You can find it here: a great day!

  2. Thank you Dana! I will add the picture indeed!

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